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Zirconium Crown

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Zirconium Crown

Zirconium crown is white instead of gray metal color. It is mostly preferred for aesthetic purposes. It is applied in teeth that do not give results despite the bleaching process. It gives good results in the treatment of advanced color changes.

Coating may also be preferred for teeth with separate dental problems for which orthodontic treatment method is not selected. Zirconium crown as a light transmittance feature. It is possible to obtain a natural appearance as in normal teeth. Because healthy tooth enamel can transmit all light.

Metal is the substructure of classical porcelain coating. It causes an opaque appearance. This situation creates a lifeless and unnatural appearance in the teeth. This situation is avoided when zirconium crown is preferred. It is a material compatible with dental tissue.

It does not cause problems such as bruising that can be seen in other types of coatings. It does not cause a gingival recession. If there is a tooth effect due to improper brushing, the coating still does not look bad.

How is Zirconium Crown applied?

In zirconium crown application, the tooth is first reduced as in metal-supported coatings. The gums must be in a healthy condition. Special measurements are taken during this period.

Help is taken from spoons suitable for the mouth. Porcelain processing is made on the zirconium substructure most suitable for the tooth. Procedure is made in a clinical environment.

By using the latest adhesives, the tooth is fully adapted to the coating. The person cannot separate the coating from his tooth after the coating. It becomes a completely natural look.

Is there any pain during Zirconium Plating?

Since the zirconium crown process is performed under local anesthesia, there is no pain. After applying local anesthesia, a temporary tooth-colored coating is applied. In this way, both hot and cold sensitivity is prevented.

People stated that they rarely felt pain during and after the procedure. Generally, patients complete the process without any complaints.

How long does the Zirconium Crown process take?

The zirconium crown process is applied in an average of 1 week for patients with healthy gums. Depending on the doctor and patient satisfaction and expectation, one or two more rehearsals may be required. This process will vary from person to person.

Who is Zirconium Crown suitable for?

There is no certain age limit to have a zirconium crown. Doctors do not find it appropriate to perform the procedure because people between the ages of 18 and 20 are in the developmental period. The development must be completed. In case of jaw enlargement, gaps may be observed.

What are the advantages of Zirconium Veneers?

Zirconium veneer advantages can be listed as follows:

  • It looks natural as it is translucent and light-permeable.
  • It has a structure resistant to oxidation.
  • It has high resistance to abrasion and corrosion.
  • No cracking.
  • They are very strong teeth.
  • They are natural-looking.
  • It is great against hot and cold sensitivity.
  • It can stay in the mouth for a long time.
  • There is no metal inside.
  • It is very similar to your teeth.
  • They take shape easily.
  • They remain white.

Is the Zirconium Crown permanent?

Zirconium crown duration varies from person to person. Going to the doctor’s controls and following the doctor’s recommendations will extend the life of the coating.

The most important point in extending the life of the coating is to make good oral care. If these conditions are met, the coating can remain in the mouth for a lifetime.

Can Zirconium Crown teeth be whitened?

Zirconium-crowned teeth can be whitened afterward. If you follow the dentist’s recommendations after the tooth is inserted, there will be no yellowing of the teeth.

However, if you want to whiten your teeth for any reason, you can whiten your zirconium crowned teeth. A simple bleaching procedure is sufficient in a clinical setting.

Which coating models are there other than Zirconium Plating?

Other than zirconium crown, other coating models that patients can choose can be listed as follows:

  • Composite laminate veneer tooth coating,
  • Porcelain laminate veneer coating,
  • Full ceramic empress tooth coating,
  • Zirconium-based porcelain tooth coating,
  • Metal structured porcelain tooth coating.

Coatings are made of different materials according to the wishes of the patients and depending on their physical properties.

Are those who have Zirconium Veneers satisfied?

People who had zirconium veneers made positive returns and did not have any complaints. You can choose it with peace of mind as it is a procedure where the satisfaction levels of the patients are high.

What are the Zirconium Crown treatment stages?

Before applying a zirconium coating, anesthesia is applied so that no pain is felt. The teeth to be treated are first reduced and replaced temporarily. Tooth color selection is made for the patient.

It takes an average of 5 days to prepare the impression teeth. New teeth are inserted instead of temporary teeth. Periodically, the doctor is checked and the treatment of the patient is completed.

What are Zirconium Crown teeth prices 2021

The zirconium coating process is applied in health institutions by planning personally. It is not possible to give a general price list for the coating process. Each health center has different pricing.

Location of the organization, experience, knowledge level, expert selection, person’s tooth structure, material to be used, etc are all factors that affect dental prices.

High computer technology is used in the zirconium coating process. Therefore, its price is higher when compared to other coating types. However, the results are satisfactory. It is done in a comfortable process. It has a solid and natural structure.

What are the damages of zirconium coating?

Zirconium coating is not damaged. This type of coating, which is preferred for the correction of distorted appearances in old fillings, teeth with discoloration, has many advantages but has no disadvantages.

The dentist can choose to do this treatment in patients he evaluates appropriate. The treatment process is completed within 1 week without pain.

When is it necessary to go for a check after zirconium coating?

After having a zirconium crown, it is useful to go for a check every 6 months in cases where you have normal oral care. The coating is not affected by the damage to the teeth. Since it does not contain metal, it does not cause health problems. It is suitable for long years of use.

Those who are allergic to metal may prefer it. Thanks to the absence of metal, it does not cause a change in taste or smell.

Will Zirconium Crown color change in the future?

Since the zirconium coating color has a slippery porcelain surface, it does not cause plaque accumulation. Therefore, there is no color change in the teeth. People who drink a lot of cigarettes, coffee, and tea can choose it with peace of mind thanks to this feature. Its color always stays the same as the first application.

Can Zirconium Crown be applied to those with gum disease?

If you have gum disease, the gum disease will need to be cured before the veneer procedure. Later, coating can be made. If there is a tooth loss for any reason, the adjacent teeth will begin to move towards the cavity.

This situation causes bone loss, aesthetically bad appearance, and imbalance in chewing forces. If the treatment of the cavity is not provided, an implant or bridge is not preferred.

How is the Zirconium Crown held to teeth?

Unlike other coatings, zirconium coating adheres to teeth mechanically and chemically. For this reason, it has higher retention compared to metal. Since there is no metal in its substructure, it does not cause dark lines at the gum level.

This means getting more aesthetic results from zirconium veneers. While zircon porcelain coatings do not cause problems in gingival recession, metal porcelains cause a bad appearance in the combination of teeth and gums. Zirconium veneers are full of numerous advantages for patients, so they are preferred by the patients.