Zirconium Crown

Zirconium crown is white instead of gray metal color. It is mostly preferred for aesthetic purposes. It is applied in teeth that do not give results despite the bleaching process. It gives good results in the treatment of advanced color changes.

Coating may also be preferred for teeth with separate dental problems for which orthodontic treatment method is not selected. Zirconium crown as a light transmittance feature. It is possible to obtain a natural appearance as in normal teeth. Because healthy tooth enamel can transmit all light.

Metal is the substructure of classical porcelain coating. It causes an opaque appearance. This situation creates a lifeless and unnatural appearance in the teeth. This situation is avoided when zirconium crown is preferred. It is a material compatible with dental tissue.

It does not cause problems such as bruising that can be seen in other types of coatings. It does not cause a gingival recession. If there is a tooth effect due to improper brushing, the coating still does not look bad.