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Dental Implant

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What is Dental Implant?

Dental Implant; Thanks to dental implants, you can get rid of missing teeth. Missing teeth not only cause an aesthetically bad appearance but also cause negative health effects.

Thanks to the developing technology, dental implants are applied and the treatment is completed without damaging the teeth. Other teeth are not damaged during this application.

There are false beliefs in society about implants. If the application is done by the right specialist, it does not cause health problems. Dental implants are made to replace missing teeth.

It is used as an artificial tooth root. They have certain thicknesses and widths. The measurements at the place where the implant will be placed must be compatible.

Measurement is important for successful implant treatment. Apart from that, bone quality is also very important. In the examination to be made before the treatment, it should be determined that the patient’s teeth are completely healthy.

Is Dental Implant necessary for every missing tooth?

If there is enough bone, the dental implant can be applied to any missing tooth. In some cases, two implants are placed spaced apart and a bridge prosthesis is made on it.

How many implants will be placed is determined after the doctor’s examination. A radiographic examination is required. Even people who use palate, that is, removable prosthesis, can benefit from this treatment method.

Today, patients whose teeth are not completely removed can get rid of these prostheses by having implant treatment if their bone structures match. It is not comfortable for the patient to use a removable prosthesis, especially for the lower jaw.

It is a distressing situation for the patient. Upper dentures cause problems such as nausea. With implant-supported prostheses, these problems are eliminated.

What are the benefits of a Dental Implant?

When the tooth is implanted, a new tooth is made instead of the lost tooth and the chewing function becomes healthy. The natural tooth form is achieved.

The surrounding teeth are prevented from slipping into the missing place. In this way, deformities are prevented. Bone loss may occur over time in the cavity formed after tooth extraction. When dental implants are made, there will be no bone loss.

What are the advantages of Dental Implant over bridge construction?

Dental implants are more advantageous than bridge construction. For patients with single or multiple missing teeth, teeth are cut for classical bridge construction.

Meanwhile, both teeth and matter are lost. However, when dental implants are to be made, the patient does not have to lose teeth. An implant imitating the root of the tooth is placed. In this way, toothlessness is eliminated.

Can Dental Implant be applied to every patient?

Except for some exceptional cases, dental implants can be applied to every person. It is a successful treatment method. Systemic health status should be evaluated. Bone quality and measurements are important.

Whether or not a person has enough bone for an implant varies depending on some factors. In some patients, problems such as inflammation in the gums can cause bone loss in the bone tissue.

Therefore, if a tooth extraction is required, it is necessary to prevent bone loss by doing this immediately. After the extraction, a certain period may be required before implantation. In some cases, the implant is made in the same session in which the patient’s tooth is extracted

Is It possible that the Body does not accept a Dental Implant?

The dental implant may be accepted by the body. Implants do not cause side effects in the human body. They do not cause an allergic reaction. However, it will not be suitable for the following people:

  • Pregnant women,
  • Patients who have not completed bone growth,
  • Those with chronic and diathesis diseases that affect healing,
  • Alcohol or drug addicts,
  • Those with high blood pressure,
  • People who use drugs that suppress the immune system,
  • Dental implants are not applied to people with chronic diseases.

There are risks in applying implants to this group of patients. It is likely to have a bad result. Depending on the degree and severity of the conditions, treatment can still be planned under the control of an expert. The specialist doctor will decide according to the health status of the patient.

What is Done in the First Dental Implant Examination?

When you apply to the dentist for a dental implant, it is determined at the first examine whether the missing place is suitable for tooth construction. An examination is performed to obtain detailed information about systemic health.

The doctor takes three-dimensional images and uses the panoramic radiography method. Accordingly, it decides whether you are suitable for the implant and what kind of implant will be used.

Tomography, in other words, three-dimensional images, taken before a dental implant is very useful. Because, thanks to these images, the condition of the jaw bones is very clear.

How does Dental Implant treatment Process Progress?

Before implanting, the area is numbed with local anesthesia. The patient does not feel anything. It is a simple and painless application. For the place where the implant will be prepared, a slot is opened in the bone and then the implant is placed.

During the healing period, screws that will remain on the implant are placed. It is necessary to wait until the end of the recovery period. For dental implants to be healthy, it is necessary to provide full fusion with the jawbone.

The duration, type, and region of the operation will vary for the patient. After the operation, the patient should wait at least 5 weeks to have a permanent prosthesis. A maximum of 3 months should pass.

If the patient has bone insufficiency, the waiting time for implants will be longer for new bone formation sites. The last measurement is taken and the stage of the prosthesis is started.

How long does it take for a Dental Implant procedure?

A dental implant is a surgical procedure after all. The processing time will vary depending on the number of implants to be applied, the area to be applied, and whether additional procedures will be performed.

The important point is not the processing time. Implant construction that will be beneficial to the person for a long time is important here. Since you will be under anesthesia during dental implant construction, you will not feel pain.

In the case of a laser-assisted procedure, swelling and pain will be minimal. The doctor may prescribe pain medication to make you feel less pain.

What should be considered after Dental Implant?

After having a dental implant, a cold application should be made to the treated area, with the recommendation of the doctor. With this application, you can get rid of swelling and edema.

Make sure that you regularly use the medicines prescribed by the doctor during this period. Low-dose laser applications will also be of great help to accelerate healing.

You need to be very careful with your oral care and do it regularly. If you have poor oral hygiene, the implant application will fail. You should see your dentist periodically after the application.

How should be nutrition after Dental implants?

After having a dental implant, people should avoid eating hot and cold foods. More patients are recommended to consume soft foods. Make sure you choose nutritious foods.

It is especially important to pay attention to what you eat during the healing period in the wound area and to know that there is sensitivity in the area. After the wound heals, there will be no restrictions on nutrition.

How is oral care performed after Dental Implant?

After having dental implants, continue to care for the teeth in the same way as normal. Flossing should be routine. This way you can get rid of bacteria. Also, using mouthwash is important in oral care.

Teeth should be brushed regularly. Correct brushing techniques should be used and teeth should not be damaged during brushing.

It should be kept in mind that the success of dental implant results is not only related to the physician and to pay attention to oral hygiene.

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