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Breast Augmentation

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Breast Augmentation; As the most important part of every women’s body, every women should love the shape, the contour and the size of her breast. A breast surgery can turn the dissatisfaction with the breast into a true satisfaction.

A breast surgery can bring the appearance of the breast to a real and satisfying size and turn it into an attractive visual feast.

These are operations performed to help the breasts, which are small depending on natural or genetic factors, to grow, while at the same time helping the breasts that have lost their form after pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Thanks to the developing technology, you, our dear patients, will enjoy the results of your surgery while these processes are managed successfully by specialist surgeons in our center.

What is breast augmentation surgery?

Breast augmentation surgery is one of the most demanded operations by women today. It is called the surgical placement of breast implants to increase the volume and fullness of the breasts, to provide the body proportion completely, and to give a better appearance.

Breast image, which is an important part of sexual identity, can be improved by breast implants surgery which can be performed by our specialist surgeons in aesthetic surgery, this surgery is suitable for patients who have completed the physical development of women who have reached the age of 18 and want to regain a more feminine appearance, increase self-confidence and regain breast form.

Besides, after breast cancer treatments, there are surgical procedures that are also therapeutic for the regeneration of breast tissue and lost breasts.

What are the types of implants that can be used in breast augmentation surgery?

To achieve and to guarantee the desired result of the operation, breast size and shape are important as well as breast implant selection, so it is very important to talk about your expectations and wishes when talking to the surgeon.

The silicones used to form and grow breasts are used in line with the expectations of the person because they create differences in themselves.

Implants used for breast augmentation are divided into 3 groups such as surface, shape, and implant content, and the application of whatever type is suitable for patients who want to have breast surgery.

The preference of breast implants and the method to be applied also provides information about breast implant prices.

While using quality and certified breast implants that will comply with the recommendations of surgeons, it is also the use of implants that are compatible with the breasts and have a natural appearance.

In our center, care is taken to select implants that are suitable for the person and to use natural and certified implants that will not cause any problems in the post-operative period in terms of quality.

The size and type of breast implants will be determined depending on your wishes as well as your breast anatomy.

What is the procedure for breast augmentation?

Breast augmentation surgery is an operation performed under general anesthesia. To minimize scarring, incisions are made in unnoticed areas. Incision options can be discussed with the surgeon to achieve the perfect result. Many types can be used:


After the incision is made, the implant is placed under the muscle (submuscular) or on the muscle (sub-glandular). The method of placing implants depends on breast type, the type and size of the implant, as well as the surgeon’s recommendations, which allow you to make the right decision regarding the operation process.

After the implants are placed, the incisions are closed with stitches and then taped with a special tape. Over time, the lines of the incisions fade and the scars become vague.Breast augmentation surgery takes approximately 30-45 minutes.


How will recovery be after breast augmentation surgery?

After breast augmentation surgery, you can start doing your daily activities and routines. You can get up on your own, meet your toilet needs and eat. The day after your surgery, you are discharged from the hospital and it is enough to rest for 1-2 days when you return home.

If you are working at desk jobs that do not require heavy arm movements and power, you can return to work from the fourth day. You can also take a shower after the fourth day of your surgery.

To help healing after breast implant surgery and to reduce the edema in the breast, unwired breast corsets should be worn regularly for at least 6 weeks, after the end of the 6 weeks, the patient can switch to a sports bra. Swelling, edema, and mild pain in the breast for at least a month are expected.

Breasts will take their final shape after two months maximum. It is recommended that the patient rest for at least one week after surgery.

In the first few weeks following the surgery, we recommend that you do not carry heavy things or do heavy exercises, sports activities, and if you have a baby, you should not lift it.

The results of breast augmentation surgery can be seen immediately.In time, the result will be clearer and the satisfaction with the new image will increase day by day.

When can I do sports after breast augmentation surgery? 

After 3 days of the surgery, you can walk in a condition that you do not use your arms too much. However, you should wait 1 month for upper body movements, especially chest, shoulder, and arm movements. For swimming activities, you must complete the 4-week process.

Although 4 weeks is sufficient for bath, sauna, and solarium, it is useful to decide with your doctor who performed your breast surgery according to the condition of the incision scar.

4-5 days after the operation, the massage applied to the breast as described to you will accelerate the adaptation process of the implant inserted into the breast.

What will I experience after breast augmentation?

After breast augmentation surgery, when the anesthesia effect passes, the patient may not feel any significant pain, but he may experience a feeling of tension in the breast.

Immediately after the operation, it is noticed that the breasts are enlarged, and the persistence of pain during the period after the operation can be eliminated with simple painkillers.

The simple pain in question arises not from the incisions and stitches made on the skin, but rather from the pressure and tension that the implants placed on other tissues.

If the implants placed in the breast are under the mammary gland, the felt short time will pass, if placed with the sub-muscular method, this process is apparent for 4-5 days. There is a special tape and wrap to create the necessary pressure on the breasts.

These special tapes and wraps are not intervened or loosened. The drains, which are rarely used during the surgery, are removed the next day.Solid or liquid food consumption is not allowed within 6 hours after the end of the surgery. However, after 6 hours, the patient may eat.

It is sufficient for a patient who has breast augmentation surgery to stay in the hospital for one night.The feeling of tiredness that the surgery gives to the patient will disappear from the body within 2 days. As the patient begins to recover, the new image of the breasts gives the patient psychological strength and self-confidence.

If no infection develops, antibiotics are started for 1 week. Although the patient is discharged in a short time after breast augmentation surgery, a complete rest should be provided especially in the first 4 days.

After the breast augmentation surgery, the dressings surrounding the breast are opened on the 4th day after the surgery and a band covering the incision site is placed only on the top of the incision.

How many days should I stay in Istanbul and how many nights should I stay in the hospital? 

Patients coming from abroad or outside of Istanbul who want to have breast augmentation surgery should allocate a week for the surgery.

They need to stay one night at the hospital and they can be discharged from the hospital the next day of the surgery. Post-operative controls will be carried out gradually, depending on the length of stay of the patient.

Breast Augmentation Prices 2024

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