Hair Mesotherapy

In the hair mesotherapy method, a mixture of amino acids, minerals, and vitamins required for the hair is injected into the scalp. Thanks to this injection, hair follicles begin to be nourished.

This method can be preferred for people who have hair loss problems. The structure of fine hair also becomes thicker, the problem of shedding disappears, and the hair becomes more vibrant and shiny.

Today, factors such as stress, using the wrong cosmetic product, genetics can cause hair loss. Both men and women complain of hair loss. Air and water quality can cause hair loss too, especially in big cities.

Not getting a good sleep also causes hair loss. One of the first places affected by the changes in the body is hair.

Instead of fighting hair problems, it is necessary to take precautions beforehand. Hair mesotherapy is one of the most effective methods that eliminate hair problems.