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Hair Mesotherapy

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Hair Mesotherapy

In the hair mesotherapy method, a mixture of amino acids, minerals, and vitamins required for the hair is injected into the scalp. Thanks to this injection, hair follicles begin to be nourished.

This method can be preferred for people who have hair loss problems. The structure of fine hair also becomes thicker, the problem of shedding disappears, and the hair becomes more vibrant and shiny.

Today, factors such as stress, using the wrong cosmetic product, genetics can cause hair loss. Both men and women complain of hair loss. Air and water quality can cause hair loss too, especially in big cities.

Not getting a good sleep also causes hair loss. One of the first places affected by the changes in the body is hair.

Instead of fighting hair problems, it is necessary to take precautions beforehand. Hair mesotherapy is one of the most effective methods that eliminate hair problems.

How is hair mesotherapy applied?

The hair mesotherapy method must be carried out by a specialist. Healthy growth of hair is ensured by making microinjections. Special medications must be used.

The composition will be chosen by the doctor according to the patient’s condition. Mesotherapy is very important for scalp and hair health. One of the most popular applications today is this process.

Thanks to the process, nutrients are provided to the hair follicles and the dandruff problem is eliminated. The following vitamins and minerals are injected into the hair:

– Iron,

– Potassium,

– Selenium,

– Zinc,

– Copper,

– Magnesium,

– Iodine,

– Since calcium is injected, hair growth and development are provided.

What are the indications of the need for hair mesotherapy?

Hair mesotherapy indications can be listed as follows:

– Dandruff appearance,

– Lack of volume in the basal area,

– Increasing hair fragility,

– Split ends of hair,

– Scratched and dry scalp,

– Seborrhea due to the breakdown of the sebaceous glands,

– You can say goodbye to many hair loss problems with hair mesotherapy.

How to prepare for hair mesotherapy?

It starts with the selection of minerals and vitamins selected by the physician for hair mesotherapy preparation. One syringe can contain between 2 and 6 active ingredients.

B group vitamins are preferred especially for hair mesotherapy. These vitamins provide a natural metabolism, enable hair restoration and growth. The use of copper and zinc is preferred to prevent hair weakness.

Copper and zinc are extremely effective in hereditary hair loss problems. Other elements used in the preparation and the effect of these elements can be listed as follows:

– Coenzyme improves the structure of the hair.

– Amino acids help form keratin fibers.

– Hyaluronic acid nourishes ampoules. Hair growth is accelerated.

– The use of growth factors ensures the normalization of the blood flow to the scalp. Thanks to a healthy blood flow, the hair becomes denser and the hair follicles become stronger.

Can instant and pre-prepared cocktails be used in hair mesotherapy?

For hair mesotherapy, experts can also choose to use ready-made cocktails. The healthcare professional will choose the most suitable composition for you according to your situation.

However, it is not possible to buy these mixtures on your own. The active ingredient of minoxidil can be found in mixtures. This is one of the most important tools to deal with hair loss.

However, this substance should be used in cases where other methods do not work. Otherwise, an adverse reaction may occur. Substance should not be used except for expert selection.

Can I see hair mesotherapy results instantly?

It is not possible to see the results of hair mesotherapy immediately. Although hair mesotherapy is allopathic, we cannot get the results immediately as expected.

It can be defined as an allopathic healing form. It allows the hair to heal itself. It has a long-lasting effect. The doctor first examines the hair and scalp thoroughly.

It is necessary to pass the patient informative procedure. The patient is contacted and after the correct composition is determined accordingly, the desired results are obtained.

What are homeopathic cocktails used in hair mesotherapy?

If homeopathic cocktails are used for hair mesotherapy, oils and other chemicals are not used. There are only plant elements combined with an aqueous solution. Thanks to this composition, the body’s potential activity is awakened.

Contribution is also provided for the activity of the bulbs. The effect duration stacks up and goes increasingly. For this reason, no results are seen immediately after the procedure.

But more results are obtained in time. These types of cocktails used for hair mesotherapy both provide the aesthetic beauty of the hair and provide solutions for hair problems.

How is hair mesotherapy is applied?

For the application of hair mesotherapy, the active substances are taken under the skin with the help of different tools. This method, which is frequently used by experts, requires a very fine needle.

It is treated with specially designed syringes. Hair mesotherapy is one of the most painless methods. However, the time required for the procedure is longer compared to other procedures.

The patient may feel pain in both the back of the head and in the ears. However, this pain is not unbearable and decreases over time, and then disappears completely. It is the least traumatic method.

What is Gun in Hair Mesotherapy?

It is necessary to be very careful when using a hair mesotherapy gun. Misuse of the gun can result in minor injuries to the head area. Make sure you choose the doctor accordingly.

The doctor needs to have practical experience. Thanks to the hair mesotherapy gun, it is possible to adjust the injection depth. With the help of a pistol, the use of any therapeutic cocktail is possible.

Is hair mesotherapy a painful procedure?

Hair mesotherapy is not a painful procedure. Changes may occur depending on the individual pain threshold. The area most sensitive to pain in the ear and the back of the head. After the mesotherapy procedure, the hair should not be washed to eliminate complications and prevent discomfort.

Also, the pool should not be entered and the steam rooms should not be visited. It is not recommended to process during menstruation. This is because pain is felt more during this period.

What are the advantages of hair mesotherapy?

The main advantages of the hair mesotherapy method are the benefits that will never be achieved with shampoo, mask, and similar cosmetic products.

Another advantage is saving time with the application. An average of 20 minutes to 40 minutes is sufficient for an application. Regular use of pills predetermined according to the schedule with the experts is a must.

Local application is a great advantage. Precisely, the medication targets the focus of the problem. Also, drug use does not harm the digestive system. It is very easy to get the desired results.

You can start to see results even after the first application. Hair starts to regenerate gradually. The healthy appearance of the hair draws attention. However, it will take an average of 3-4 weeks to get full results.

What should be done after hair mesotherapy?

Hair should never be washed after hair mesotherapy. Water and shampoo will negatively affect the result. The healing process is also delayed. It is necessary to avoid exposure to sunlight for a day or two. Do not swim. In the first 10 hours after the procedure, no shower or bath is taken.

It is necessary to wait for the injection areas to dry thoroughly. Do not touch or massage the injection areas until they have healed completely. The use of alcoholic beverages is not recommended.

Alcohol causes vasodilation to be promoted, which will negatively affect the effectiveness of the procedure. Be sure to follow the doctor’s advice. To fulfill your wishes, avoid the things you shouldn’t do.

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