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Forehead Filling

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Forehead Filling

With the forehead filling, you can say goodbye to wrinkles in your forehead area. Hyaluronic acid is used as a filling material for the forehead area.

This substance is already produced by the body itself. With the advancement of age, the amount of hyaluronic acid produced decreases.

This causes wrinkles on the skin. After application, slight rashes may occur on the face. However, these will pass after application.

Forehead filling is not permanent, but it has an average of 1, 1.5 years of permanence. If necessary, the process can be renewed after the required time has elapsed.

If regular processing is done, the permanence of the filling will increase. It is a non-surgical, practical, simple, and safe method. You can even book it during lunch break.

You can continue your work immediately after. No one can tell it’s filler unless you tell it to. Apart from hyaluronic acid, the person’s fat can also be used for forehead filling.

In this case, the processing time is extended. The doctor must plan accordingly beforehand. Generally, fats are taken from the hip or abdominal area.

Is Forehead Filling a painful application?

Patients do not feel pain in the forehead filling procedure. It is a comfortable application. If fat injection is to be performed in the procedure, a liposuction surgery should be planned for the patient first.

It is aimed to take sufficient amounts of fat in surgery. If the patient will be treated with stem cell support by injection, then the proliferation of stem cells is essential.

This reproduction process is carried out in a laboratory approved by the Ministry of Health. Local anesthesia or sedation is given to the patient during the injection.

Since the forehead filling takes place under anesthesia, the person does not feel anything. Simple pains can be felt after the procedure. Because over time, the anesthetic effect will disappear.

These pains can also be managed with simple pain medications. If hyaluronic acid filling is planned for the patient, an anesthetic cream is used before the procedure. The patient may feel very mild pain, but this is not unbearable.

For whom is Forehead Filling a suitable procedure?

Forehead filling is not applied to all people with a forehead line. Every person has a forehead line at one level. These are gestures and are natural.

Even if the person does not have any wrinkles on his face, these lines will appear in certain situations. You can see these lines if you raise your eyebrows.

These mimics are formed due to skin compression and it is a completely natural condition. If the person still has wrinkles when he does not make facial expressions, then forehead filling is useful.

It is appropriate to apply botox first to open the forehead lines. Botox may not be enough for advanced wrinkles. In this case, the filling application is fast.

Especially in the area between the eyebrows, very deep lines occur in elderly patients. This area usually needs filling. Planning can be done with filler, especially for people who do not want their gestures to freeze with botox.

How is the Forehead Filling application done?

Before forehead filling, anesthetic creams and local anesthetic injections are generally preferred so that the patient does not feel pain.

It is necessary to apply at least 1 ml for women and at least 2 ml for men. In some cases, the patient may need a smaller amount than this.

ou can decide together with your physician how much filling is required. You can also benefit from other aesthetic procedures while having a forehead filling.

Planning can be done together for procedures such as under-eye light filling, chin filling, and lip filling for other parts of the face.

Prices for forehead filling will vary according to many different factors such as which procedures are planned, how much product will be used, the experience of the doctor, the place where the procedure is located, the city where the clinic is located.

The filler brand used also determines the price. You can get the healthiest price information after the doctor’s examination.

Are there any side effects of the Forehead Filling application?

Forehead fillers are procedures that have been applied for a long time, leave patients satisfied, and have no side effects.

When these procedures are performed by a professional specialist in a sterile environment, there is absolutely no side effect.

On the contrary, it makes the skin beautiful. When it is made without wrinkles, it prevents the skin from wrinkling and aging. Some effects can be seen immediately after the forehead filling application is made.

Redness, mild swelling, minor bleeding, and itching are considered completely normal. Therefore, the person does not have to worry. These disappear on their own.

You should choose the place where you will have the frontal filling. Getting these procedures by people who are not experts in their field can cause serious side effects. These side effects can be listed as follows:

  • Infection,
  • Hard nodules,
  • Tissue damage
  • Make sure you choose the application site well to avoid allergic reactions.

When Is Forehead Filling done?

Forehead filling is an anti-wrinkle treatment method that targets dynamic wrinkles. New expressions are formed after the application.

Whenever a person starts to feel uncomfortable with their wrinkles, then the procedure can be performed under expert supervision and recommendation.

If you are the right candidate to have a forehead filling, then it will be okay to have the procedure done. Those who want to have better skin often prefer this method.

It provides filling of the gaps in the areas where it is injected. It is a healthy practice. The ingredients in the injection material help absorb skin water, providing a fuller look, and a smoother look, while collagen production is also triggered naturally in the skin.

Forehead filling is preferred by people with healthy, young skin that has no wrinkles and other signs of aging.

What’s the procedure before Forehead Filling?

Remember that you need to take advantage of an expert before having a frontal filling. You need to have a filling through a specialist.

The specialist will see the dynamics of the facial muscles and decide how to fill them. In the case of deep wrinkles, different solutions can be offered. Each patient’s skin and needs are different.

The forehead filling procedure will therefore not be the same for every patient. The anatomical structure of men and the anatomical structure of women are different.

Since men have strong muscles, more ml should be applied to them. For women, lower ml forehead filling application is usually sufficient.

What are the factors that trigger the success of Forehead Filling?

Botox application is recommended before doing the forehead filler. When we apply botox to the forehead muscles, they cannot contract and relax. In this way, the permanence of the filling is much higher.

When there is no Botox in the forehead, the filling material in the area will move whenever the muscle contracts and moves. This causes the filling material to melt faster.

Fillers are permanent for an average of 6 to 8 months. Forehead filling gives more permanent results in botox forehead. The lifestyle, nutrition, and sleep patterns of the person affect the permanence of the filling.

When should Forehead Filling be repeated?

Repetition of forehead filling can be repeated at different times depending on the condition of the person. Since it has an average duration of 6 months to 8 months, re-application can be made at the end of this period.

The renewal of the filling is very beneficial in terms of permanence. If the filling is repeated after enough time, this time the filling will be longer than the previous time.

You can increase the permanence of the forehead filling for up to a year or longer. Forehead filling can be preferred with peace of mind as it is a wonderful application that offers completely safe and satisfying results, preferred by people who want to have younger and wrinkle-free skin.

Forehead Filling Prices 2024

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