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What is Vaginoplasty?

Vaginoplasty means vaginal tightening. Vaginal enlargement may occur after childbirth. The desired structure can be achieved by performing vaginoplasty to increase sexual satisfaction.

Advancing age, pregnancy, vaginal births cause enlargement of the vagina. Also, this situation increases the frequency of vaginal infections and causes complaints such as gas from the vagina.

Vaginal tightening surgeries are called reconstruction surgeries and should be performed by expert doctors. The vagina structure consists of connective and muscle tissues.

The basic building block of connective tissue is collagen. The amount of collagen produced decreases with age. The looseness of the vagina does not only depend on the amount of collagen. Vaginoplasty may be required for situations such as abortion and pregnancy.

How much is the vagina narrowed with vaginoplasty surgery?

Thanks to vaginoplasty, the wider the vagina is, the narrower it will be. The results to be obtained from vaginoplasty will be different for a woman who has given 5 births to a woman who has never given birth. With these surgeries, both the outside and inside of the vagina are narrowed.

Women with a lot of dilation, narrowing can be made up to 7 8 cm. In this procedure, the depth of the vagina does not decrease, but the canal is completely narrowed. The place where sexual pleasure is most taken is the entrance area of ​​the vagina.

In this part, there is the clitoris and the G spot that provide sexual pleasure. The penis needs to touch these structures during insertion in terms of female orgasm.

Thanks to the vaginoplasty procedure, these points are contacted. A more satisfying sex life can be provided for both men and women.

How to measure the vagina width in Vaginoplasty?

Before the vaginoplasty procedure, it is necessary to know what the width of the vagina is. Measurement is done by inserting a finger into the vagina. The penetration of 1 or 2 fingers into the vagina means normal vaginal penetration, 3 fingers entering at a moderate level, and 4 or more fingers entering the vagina at an advanced level.

The result obtained after the operation is the shape of the vagina to enter 1 or 2 fingers. The width of a vagina of 4 fingers to reach 1 2 finger width means 75 percent contraction. This level of contraction is very pleasing for the couples.

Who to choose for a Vaginoplasty?

Choosing the place to do vaginoplasty is very important. The procedure must be carried out by people with sufficient experience. Insufficient constriction problems can arise in non-specialist hands.

There may also be excessive vaginal constriction, this situation causes the absence of sexual intercourse and creates problems. Planning should be done well before the operation.

Satisfactory results can be obtained after the procedures are performed by knowledgeable, experienced doctors. It will be good to see how many patients have been treated before, the satisfaction of the patients, and the pictures before and after the operation.

What is the process after Vaginoplasty?

Mild bleeding and mild pain are normal and expected after vaginoplasty. Although you do not feel pain during the procedure because it is a procedure performed under anesthesia, you may have mild pain as the anesthesia effect disappears after the procedure.

The patient should dress as recommended by the doctor after vaginoplasty. Also, medicines should be used regularly. Patients are not allowed to exercise within the first month after the operation.

Besides, swimming pools and the sea should not be allowed. Regular nutrition, rest, and plenty of water are recommended for patients. Ideally, the patients need to wait 6 months for the first sexual intercourse after the operation.

What are the benefits of Vaginoplasty?

The benefits offered by the vaginoplasty procedure to the patient can be listed as follows:

  • Sexual intercourse is easier.
  • Vaginal discharge disappears and the vaginal area now remains dry.
  • You will be more comfortable while wearing tight pants.
  • The problem of making noise and passing gas from the vagina is eliminated. The fear of making this sound during sexual intercourse, that it may sound even if it does not, reduces the quality of sexual life of the person.
  • By tightening the vagina, the quality of sexual intercourse increases.
  • You will feel more comfortable in the social environment.

How long does the Vaginoplasty procedure take?

Vaginoplasty operations can be performed under anesthesia with laser or surgical application. The process takes an average of 45 minutes.

They are simple operations that can be performed even while chatting with patients. During the operation, people do not feel pain. After the operation, the person can continue his normal life.

The procedure must be performed by specialists who have a good command of the anatomical structure of the genital area. It is a process that does not have any side effects and leaves you satisfied when the competent person does the procedure.

What’s the process before Vaginoplasty?

Before vaginoplasty, the patient must have passed her period. It is necessary to pay attention to whether there is a vaginal infection. If there is an infection, it should be treated first.

If the patient has existing diseases, the specialist should be informed about the drugs used. It is necessary to stop eating and drinking at least 4 to 6 hours before the vaginoplasty procedure.

In some cases, the triangular tissue removal technique, called cystocele repair, can be added to the procedure for women with advanced width.

Generally, removing the muscle tissue called the levator and placing stitches is sufficient. In this way, the grip strength of the penis increases.

After the Vaginoplasty Procedure, when can the patient have sexual intercourse?

After the vaginoplasty procedure, it is necessary to wait for the healing process for at least 6 months before having sexual intercourse. It is important not to neglect to see the doctor during the recovery process.

It is also essential to make sure that the tissues are fully healed. It is considered normal to have some problems with the first sexual intercourse after the operation.

However, there is no need to worry. The vagina, which has been relaxed for years, can only get used to its new form after a while.

Until this time, problems such as pain, burning, and stinging may occur. These complaints are seen in almost every patient for a month or two and then disappear completely by healing.

What is the effect of the Vaginoplasty on Sexual Orgasm?

Vaginoplasty positively affects sexual orgasm. Although couples are hesitant to say, situations such as long-lasting togetherness and interfering with children can lead to a decrease in pleasure.

After the procedure, the pleasure of the man increases in the first place. The pleasure of women will increase after a month or two.

The quality of sexual intercourse increases for both sides thanks to this surgery. It is easier to focus during intercourse, as there will be no sound problems coming from the enlarged vagina. Sexual self-confidence increases.

Does the vagina expand again after Vaginoplasty?

After vaginoplasty, unwanted excess tissue is removed from the narrowed vagina. In the procedure performed using laser or ultrasound waves, the risk of recovery of the vagina is very low.

It is very rarely possible to restore the vagina to its previous state after vaginoplasty. Factors such as the patient’s use of the vagina, the drugs used, weight gain and loss, child delivery or not, hormonal status, and age all determine the condition of the vagina after surgery.

In one month, there may be an expansion of about 20 percent. It is beneficial for the patient to apply the kegel exercises for the stenosis offered by the surgery to be permanent.

It is beneficial to do these exercises that strengthen the vaginal muscles on a routine basis. Vaginoplasty is applied to people who have completed family planning or will give birth by cesarean section.

It is beneficial for people who want to have vaginoplasty to leave the birth before the procedure.

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