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Stomach Balloon

The stomach balloon is made of silicone. It is a special balloon that inflates air or liquid. While under sedation, a balloon is left in the stomach cavity using the endoscopic method.

This gives the person a feeling of satiety so that he can lose weight. With this method, the patient can give 15-20 percent of his starting weight.

The stomach balloon is removed from the patient’s stomach after 12 months maximum. During this period, the patient must pay attention to his / her nutrition and maintain his / her weight with regular sports.

Otherwise, the person can regain weight very quickly. Mostly, gastric balloon procedure is used as a preliminary stage for very overweight people.

Gastric balloons are not seen as a single solution method by doctors. Because the balloon does not cause a metabolic effect on the human body. If the person is obese, using only a stomach balloon is not enough as a  solution.

How long does it take to place a Stomach Balloon?

The stomach balloon placement process takes an average of 15 minutes. The patient can usually leave the hospital on the same day and continue his normal life.

Depending on the patient’s condition, it may be necessary to stay in the hospital for a day. After the gastric balloon, patients need to diet. It is extremely important to give up carbohydrate foods.

Care should be taken as it does not cause a change in the patient’s feeling of hunger. This method is generally preferred for patients with a condition called super obesity. The stomach balloon procedure is not seen as a surgery.

Who are the patients that can do a Stomach Balloon?

Gastric balloon application is generally applied to people with a body mass index of 27 to 35. It is also a suitable method for patients who cannot adapt to a different bariatric surgery and want to lose weight healthily.

Before the procedure, the mass index should be calculated according to the patient’s body weight. According to this result, it is decided how long the gastric balloon should remain.

Then the process is applied. Less eating habits can be gained thanks to the stomach balloon process. This habit is aimed to be permanent after the balloon is removed from the stomach.

There is no need for a long stay in the hospital after the procedure. Unless there is an extra condition, patients can return to their normal lives. Patients can be followed up for a certain period as recommended by the doctor.

How Is the Stomach Balloon Operation performed?

First, a physical examination is performed on the patient who will have the gastric balloon procedure performed. Then it is decided whether the person is physically suitable for this procedure.

Patients will be processed only if they are eligible for the procedure. This procedure, which is not considered surgery, does not cause patients to feel pain because it is applied under sedation.

It usually takes as little as 20 minutes. If there is no obstacle in the stomach of the patient, it is entered endoscopically and the balloon is placed.

How much fluid is filled into the Stomach Balloon?

The amount of fluid to be filled in the gastric balloon will be different for each patient. It is filled with an average of 700 ml of liquid called methylene blue. Before the procedure, the patient must be hungry.

Eating and drinking should have stopped at least 6 hours before, patients should not even drink water before coming to the procedure.

Also, blood thinners should not be taken at least 1 week before the procedure, complaints such as contraction and cramping in the stomach can be seen after the application.

These complaints disappear spontaneously, all complaints end within an average of 1 week. In some patients, the duration of complaints is as low as 2-3 days.

What are the complaints after the Stomach Balloon procedure?

After the gastric balloon procedure, the patient may have complaints, patients should be prepared for this situation.

While the complaints of some patients after the gastric balloon procedure disappear within an average of 2-3 days, the complaints of some patients may even last 10 days.

The person’s structure will be effective here, patients can be discharged on the same day after the hospital period. The sooner patients adapt to the balloon, the better.

The patient’s body needs to lose the balloon. However, in this way, the complaints are reduced and the patient can return to his normal daily life.

Is Stomach Balloon operation risky?

Although it is determined that the patients are suitable for the procedure before the gastric balloon procedure and the procedure is performed accordingly, there may still be some risks.

Most of the patients want to know whether the balloon attached to them bursts or not. If the patients are careful after the procedure, there will be no problem such as an explosion. In very rare cases, balloon rupture may occur.

Situations such as the amount of acid in the stomach and the nutritional habits of the patient should be taken into consideration. The balloons used in the gastric balloon procedure are intact.

Therefore, you may feel comfortable. When you make the right doctor selection, your chances of encountering risks will be minimized.

Can the Stomach Balloon be pierced?

It is very unlikely that the gastric balloon will be pierced. If the urine color turns blue, consult a doctor immediately. Because the liquid used in the gastric balloon process is blue. Usually, the doctor should check the balloon flow.

Thanks to the controls made, if there is a puncture, this can be easily detected by the doctor. It can be learned to what extent and where the balloon was damaged after the gastric balloon.

If it is decided to take out definitively, first the evacuation process is done, then the balloon material is removed through the endoscope. The person returns to his normal life after the procedure.

What should be done after stomach balloon application?

After an average of 4 months after the gastric balloon is applied, the fluid contained in the balloon should be drained with a catheter. After the liquid is discharged, there is no harm in remaining bubble material inside.

The material preferred for the gastric balloon procedure is the type that can be disposed of by the body on its own. No healing process is required. Unlike other gastric balloon procedures, the duration of action varies.

There will be no risks if the place to perform the surgery is chosen well and if the procedure is performed in a sterile environment by experienced and knowledgeable people.

What are the types of Stomach Balloons?

The gastric balloon has different types. It is known that there are 4 different types of gastric balloons in total:

  • Adjustable gastric balloon,
  • 12-month stomach balloon,
  • 6-month stomach balloon,
  • Ellipse swallowable gastric balloons that may be preferred.

For a person to have a gastric balloon installed, they must first be over the age of 18. Also, it should not be over the age of 70. If the body mass index of the person is above 27, the procedure is not performed.

People who want to lose weight but do not want to have a stomach operation can benefit from this method. It is a method that shows its effect in a short time.

Since it has been applied in different parts of the world for many years and gives successful results, you can prefer gastric balloon application to lose weight.

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