Stomach Balloon

The stomach balloon is made of silicone. It is a special balloon that inflates air or liquid. While under sedation, a balloon is left in the stomach cavity using the endoscopic method.

This gives the person a feeling of satiety so that he can lose weight. With this method, the patient can give 15-20 percent of his starting weight.

The stomach balloon is removed from the patient’s stomach after 12 months maximum. During this period, the patient must pay attention to his / her nutrition and maintain his / her weight with regular sports.

Otherwise, the person can regain weight very quickly. Mostly, gastric balloon procedure is used as a preliminary stage for very overweight people.

Gastric balloons are not seen as a single solution method by doctors. Because the balloon does not cause a metabolic effect on the human body. If the person is obese, using only a stomach balloon is not enough as a  solution.