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What is Chin Filling?

Thanks to the chin filling the golden ratio on the face is provided. The jawline may lose its prominence due to some genetic reasons and advanced age. Sagging may occur in the jaw.

The jaw tip structure is farther back than it should be, the asymmetric jaw structure and pointed wide jaws cause a disproportionate appearance on the face. You can get rid of this unwanted situation without surgery.

Chin filling is especially ideal for people who want to have an oval face. After the chin filling procedure, the person gets a beautiful profile view. Hyaluronic acid fillers that are already in the body are preferred for the procedure.

It has an average permanence of 1-2 years. This period can be different for each person. Immediately after the procedure, the person can continue his life. There is no recovery period.

Which materials are used for Chin Filling?

3 different materials can be used for chin filling. The substance called hyaluronic acid found in the body is the most preferred. This substance is used with the help of injections. Filling can also be made with adipose tissue obtained from the patient’s fat. Finally, stem cell-assisted fat injection can be provided.

Among these methods, hyaluronic acid filling is applied in the shortest time. These filings are preferred if there is volume loss in the jaw. If there is a defect in the form of the jaw, those with a small jaw structure, those who have a jaw defect as a result of an accident can apply for a filling procedure.

Is applying chin filler a painful procedure?

Anesthetic cream is applied to prevent pain in the treated area before the chin filling. In about 30 minutes, the area is completely numb, so the patient does not feel anything. When the application is made, the person does not feel uncomfortable.

If fat injection or stem cell-assisted application is to be performed, fat is removed from the patient by fat removal method beforehand. In this process, different anesthesia methods are applied. However, it can be said that it is a comfortable and painless procedure for all kinds of patients.

In which situations can chin filling be preferred?

Chin filling finds solutions to many aesthetic problems. The most common jaw disorders can be listed as follows:

  • Lack of volume in the jaw,
  • Jaw size,
  • Jawline unclear,
  • Asymmetry in the chin,
  • Sagging under the chin,
  • In the case of jowl jaw, chin filling offers a practical and fast solution.

Those who want to have a strong jaw structure may prefer chin filling.

How is the chin filling done?

Injection techniques are used for chin filling. Dermal filling materials are used to get rid of the hollow of the chin, to take and restructure the lower face in a better way. Although it is the most well-known hyaluronic acid among people, it is also made of bovine collagen.

In the case of filling with bovine collagen, an allergy test is taken 4 weeks before. Fat cells are obtained from one’s own body. Other man-made and little-known filling materials include calcium hydroxylapatite, a biodegradable polymer.

The most important point in choosing a filling for chin filling is to choose a material approved by the Ministry of Health. Thanks to the correct treatment, a good jawline is obtained. Structural features become sharper. Face and chin contours are improved.

What are the advantages of Chin Filling?

The chin filling advantages are both psychological and visual. Compared to surgical techniques, the filling procedure is much more economical and painless. Also, while a certain healing process is required for the surgery, no recovery time is required after the filling.

The person can return to his normal life immediately after the procedure. Filling offers a great solution for those who do not have time. For those who have not yet decided on aesthetic surgery for the chin, chin filling offers a temporary solution and makes it easier to decide.

The filling will melt spontaneously, therefore, it is not permanent. However, this recycling is not possible in surgical interventions. After the filling melts, the jaw takes its old form. Some patients’ health status may not be suitable for surgical procedures. In such cases, chin filling may be preferred. Other advantages can be listed as follows:

  • There are no complications after the procedure.
  • It does not require a hospital stay.
  • It adds a nice expression to the face.
  • It allows you to gain the ideal jaw shape.
  • It creates the chin appearance in harmony with the face shape.
  • Makes the jawline clear.
  • You get a younger look.
  • Anesthesia, recovery time is not required.
  • It is a short process and does not take time.

How Is Chin Filling applied?

Injection techniques are used for chin filling procedures. There is more than one substance that can be preferred for filling injections. It is very important to use fillers approved by the Ministry of Health.

Although anesthesia is not required for chin filling, local anesthesia may be preferred depending on the patient’s desire. Nothing is felt as the skin is numb. Since the procedure is performed with the help of small needles, side effects such as bruising, blues, and edema in the area are experienced at a very minimal level.

These effects will disappear on their own. 10-15 minutes is sufficient for the session duration. It is a simple process that can be done even during lunchtime. Since the most striking part of the body is the face, chin filling is important.

Thanks to the chin filling, it is possible to obtain a more V-shaped face. The harmony of the chin with the other parts of the face is achieved. This makes the face more pleasant in terms of general aesthetics.

Can I have a younger face with Chin Filling?

Chin filling is a procedure that makes the face look younger. V form is more dominant in young faces. With the advancement of age, the triangular appearance in the jaw structure also changes and slowly disappears. Since this form is easily caught with the chin filling, the person has a younger appearance.

The facial structure comes into proportion, ideal, and desired shape. The chin filling does not only allow you to have a V-shape. It also helps to remove fine wrinkles around the chin and mouth. In this way, it is possible to eliminate sagging skin. This makes the face look younger. With the filling of the groove at the lower part of the chin, the depth of the region decreases. A stylish and aesthetic chin is obtained.

How many CC should be applied in Chin Filling?

For chin filling, it is suitable to apply 4-5 cc in the first session. However, if you want to know what amount of filler will be best for you, you should be examined by your doctor. Every face shape, flaws, structure, and needs are different.

Therefore, while 2 cc fillers, which are sufficient for a patient, they may be insufficient for others. Unlike other filling types, chin filling is applied more from the first session. Although 1 cc of filling is usually applied for under-eye, cheekbones, and lip filling, this amount is higher in chin filling.

Is the Chin Filler permanent?

Although the permanence of the chin filling varies from person to person, it varies between 12 and 8 months on average. The structural characteristics of the person affect the filling time. It is normal to have hardness and edema in the area after the application.

After two weeks, the application area and the filling begin to integrate. There will be softening in places with hardness. The results are seen immediately after the procedure. After the edema has passed, the results are more obvious. The chin filling takes its best shape after a certain period.