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Hair transplant turkey offers a natural and permanent solution to baldness and thin hair problems. In cases where the hair follicle is not active, the hair follicles are injected by surgical methods in the places where the hair follicle is not active.

This process is called hair transplant. In hair transplant turkey the process is completely planned for the patient. The patient’s healthy hair follicles are used.

For hair transplantation, hair follicles are usually taken from the nape of the neck, as they are resistant to shedding. The planting is completed through the channels opened to the place where there is dilution or complete spillage.

While hair transplantation is done, it is aimed to make the transplanted area look natural. It is a minor surgical procedure. For this reason, the process must be done by experts.

Thanks to modern medical practices and developing technology, people with hair loss problems regain their hairy appearance painlessly and easily.

Who can have hair transplantation?

Hair transplantation can be applied to anyone who has a problem with hair loss. Studies have revealed that 50 percent of men over the age of 50 have hair loss problems today.

Hair transplantation is a cosmetic application for most men. Not only men but also women may experience hair loss. There may be many reasons for hair loss.

It is known that mostly genetic features cause hair loss. Apart from these, medical conditions, hair loss may occur with advancing age. Hair transplantation provides a permanent solution to these situations.

How hair transplantation is done?

It starts with the removal of hair follicles from the target area for hair transplantation. The hair follicles taken are called grafts. Generally, hair follicles are taken from the back of the head of the person.

Hair follicles can also be taken from the temple area. Rarely, roots are taken from the person’s arms or chest. Depending on the amount of hair loss, the application time varies up to a few hours.

If the balding area is large, one or two sessions may be required. Since the procedure takes place under local anesthesia, the person does not feel pain. Bandage is applied to the head of the person after hair transplantation.

The person can be discharged after 1 or 2 hours. Usually, 3 days of home rest is required. After that, the person can return to normal life. It is necessary to wait for the 5th day for the first bandage change.

Which methods can be used in hair transplantation?

Many different methods can be used in hair transplantation. The FUE method, which does not leave any traces is situated at the top of these methods and is often preferred.

When the FUE method is used, the hair follicles are taken one by one and transferred to the missing area. A skin line containing hair is removed from the back of the head.

The place used as the donor area must be healthy. Factors such as the hardness of the hair, the color of the hair, whether it is wavy or thick affect the result of the procedure.

The method of hair transplantation for the patient is determined by considering the wishes and preferences of the person. Of course, hair and scalp analysis is required before.

Hair transplantation can be a method that can be applied not only for baldness but also to increase hair density.

How to Choose the Right Place for Hair Transplantation?

Hair transplantation is a serious surgical application. There are certain risks in hair transplantation and these risks should be minimized. For this reason, the procedure should be done in a hospital environment.

Application by well-trained people is extremely important in terms of getting good results. It is necessary to wait for the operation to be successful. Fast blood supply is important. Because it is essential to achieve fast adhesion in the area where the hair follicles are placed.

When the correct technique is applied, it is guaranteed to get successful results from the hair transplantation process. For a natural look, it is necessary to process at the right intensity at the right distance and the right angle.

Will there be a loss of transplanted hair after hair transplantation?

The hair falls out within a week or two immediately after the hair transplant procedure. However, this is completely normal. This spilled hair grows again after 3-4 months on average.

This is a temporary shedding. After the shedding is over, the remaining hair does not fall out and remains in the normal condition character. If the hair density decreases in the future, a new hair transplant may be planned.

Am I a suitable candidate for hair transplantation?

People who are suitable candidates for hair transplantation can be listed as follows:

– Those who provide physical development,

– Those who have hair loss problems caused by scars, surgical sutures, burn marks,

– If there is a gap in the hair,

– If you have a sufficient number of suitable hair follicles in the donor area on your head,

– If there is no physiological disease that prevents hair transplantation,

– If you have provided your physical development, you are a suitable candidate for hair transplantation.

Hair transplantation can be done on both men and women. There are also unshaven transplantation methods to prevent hairless areas, especially for women. After meeting with the specialist, you can have hair transplantation.

What are the advantages of the FUE method for hair transplantation?

FUE method is one of the most preferred methods for hair transplantation. In this process, micro tools are transplanted one by one.

Recovery is achieved within approximately 2 to 3 days after the operation and there is no scar after the procedure. It is possible to transfer the maximum amount of hair follicles from the donor area according to the need of the transplantation area.

When the hair follicles are taken, the ones that are coded not to shed, that is, called non-androgenic, should be taken. This allows the donor area to be reused in the coming years.

In the following years, taking into consideration the needs and expectations of the person, transplantation can be performed in different sessions with the same method. Other advantages can be listed as follows:

– It is a method that can be applied to both women and men.

– There is no trauma.

– There is no scar.

– There is no need to wait to return to social life.

– It is a safe method.

– It has been practiced for a long time.

– It provides a solution to the hair loss experienced due to reasons such as wounds and burn marks that occurred at a young age.

  • There is no age limit.

Hair transplantation is performed with the permission of a physician for people with chronic diseases. The risks of the method are the same as those of a simple dental treatment.

As in all other procedures, there are risks such as infection and necrosis. For this reason, the procedure should be done in a hospital environment.

What is the process of returning to normal life after hair transplantation?

Approximately 2 days after hair transplantation, people should come to the center for the first washing and bandage changing. After the procedure, the patient must rest for 2 days. Bandages are removed after 2 days.

Then the first wash should be done. After the first wash, the person can return to his normal life. It may be obvious that the sowing was done in the period from the first washing to the last washing.

There are crusts. After the last wash, all the symptoms of transplantation disappear. Then, it is waited for the hair to grow. Later, it is not clear that the person had a hair transplant.

How to determine the hairline in hair transplantation?

It is essential to determine the hairline before hair transplantation. The hairline is unique for each person and is an anatomical line. The border is determined from the area where the forehead tissue ends and hair tissue begins.

The most important part of hair transplantation can be explained as paying attention to the forehead muscle. It should not go down to the forehead muscle.

Mimic muscles should not be damaged during the procedure. Hair transplantation can be done without touching the forehead line in people who have a wide forehead and have very empty hair on both sides.

Hair transplant Prices 2024

Hair transplant prices are generally offered as per operation package prices. These prices also vary from clinic to clinic, depending on the details of the package and the quality of the service provided.

If the prices of Hair Transplantation are the most ideal choice for a patient, it will be to choose the one with the highest service quality and details from the packages with close prices by conducting a market research.

If the price is far below or above the average, it would be more appropriate to approach the issue with caution.