What is Hair Transplant Turkey

Hair transplant turkey offers a natural and permanent solution to baldness and thin hair problems. In cases where the hair follicle is not active, the hair follicles are injected by surgical methods in the places where the hair follicle is not active.

This process is called hair transplant. In hair transplant turkey the process is completely planned for the patient. The patient’s healthy hair follicles are used.

For hair transplantation, hair follicles are usually taken from the nape of the neck, as they are resistant to shedding. The planting is completed through the channels opened to the place where there is dilution or complete spillage.

While hair transplantation is done, it is aimed to make the transplanted area look natural. It is a minor surgical procedure. For this reason, the process must be done by experts.

Thanks to modern medical practices and developing technology, people with hair loss problems regain their hairy appearance painlessly and easily.