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Breast Reduction Surgery

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Breast Reduction Surgery; Breasts are an organ that is the symbol of femininity, fertility, and motherhood in women and it is important for women to maintain their self-confidence identity while socializing.

Breasts, apart from their appearance, have also a great importance functionally as breastfeeding. Breast sizes and shapes may differ for each woman.

It would not be correct to say that this or that size is ideal for a beautiful breast. One size that looks ideal in one woman may look big or small in another. For this reason, the ideal breast size becomes a personal concept.

A personalized surgery program is developed by considering a measure related to the person’s weight, height, shoulder, and hip-width. Also, one’s own opinions are a very important factor in determining the ideal breast size.

Breast reduction surgery is a type of surgery that is applied because it does not only have an aesthetic purpose compared to other breast surgeries but also corrects health problems coming with the big size of the breasts.

Breast reduction surgery is preferred for people with advanced breast size and breast weight due to conditions such as tilting the body forward, back, neck, and spine pain, rash or wounds under the breast, inability to find the desired clothes, and inequality in the breasts.

Reducing the large breast tissue is only possible with surgical operation. The situation of experiencing such problems is eliminated by breast reduction surgery and the person can continue his healthy and normal life more easily.

Breast reduction surgeries aim to achieve more upright and aesthetic breasts that relieve the patient’s complaints and look equal and fit.

Thanks to breast reduction surgery, neck, back, and spine pain caused by large breasts and turning people’s lives into nightmares is eliminated, and a more attractive and more dynamic image is provided.

The process before a breast reduction surgery 

Before the breast reduction operation, some examinations should be performed as a preparation stage for those who want to have this surgery.

Mammography or breast ultrasound is very important, especially for people over the age of 40. Our specialist surgeons report that the physical examination of the patients is important to determine the appropriate method for the surgery.

To fasten the healing process of breast reduction operations, patients should quit cigarettes and alcohol for 3 weeks before the operation and for at least 6 weeks after the postoperative recovery process, as it can harm their operations and recovery processes.

It is important for the operation process that they inform the surgeons if there are medications they use regularly and stop the use of drugs such as blood thinners and herbal medicines that increase bleeding during surgery.

What techniques are used for breast reduction surgery?

Breast reduction surgery can be performed with a technique similar to the breast lift technique; This means it can be completed using an anchor cut (inverted T) or a lollipop cut. The scars will be visible at first, but will gradually fade and become vague.

What is breast reduction surgery? 

Breast reduction surgery is a procedure performed under general anesthesia. Prior to breast reduction surgery, Photos from different directions and angles are taken for the patients who decide to have this surgery, and then the surgery planning is carried out taking into consideration the breast structure and breast shape of the person.

During the operation, the breast, and adipose tissue are surgically removed following the drawings, and the breast is given a new shape.

The technique and scars to be applied vary according to the patient’s breast sagging and the technique chosen by the surgeon performing the surgery.

In most of the breast reduction surgery techniques, either a lollipop-shaped around the nipple and a single line perpendicular to the nipple or a horizontal scar that continues along the sub-breast fold in addition to the inverted T shape.

The first incisions are made to remove the excess breast tissue, fat, and skin to have the desired small and tighter breast, then the incisions are closed with stitches. Breast reduction surgery is not a painful operation.

Contrary to breast augmentation surgery, no foreign body is placed in the body, and patients usually experience an improvement and relief in neck, back, and spine pain after surgery because the weight on the breast is also reduced.

Although breast reduction surgery takes between two and three hours, the operation time may vary depending on the breast structure of each patient.

After the breast reduction surgery is completed, the incisions are taped with special tapes and a bra corset is put on the patient to minimize swelling and edema and to support the breasts.

How is the recovery process after a breast reduction surgery?

The process after breast reduction operation is usually comfortable. Immediately after the operation, ice compress treatment is started, this suppresses edema and swelling in the breast, and the patient is dressed in a sports bra to support the breast. No other dressing is done except for the thin bands on the stitches.

Drains placed on the patient are removed one day after the operation. The patient can take a shower 2 or 3 days after the drains are removed. The sports bra must be worn regularly for 6 weeks to achieve the desired breast form.

This bra allows the patient to feel more secure as well as reduce the pain and pressure on the breast. The patient should not lift anything heavy for 3-4 weeks and avoid movements that require effort.

Since edema occurs in the breast after the operation, the shape of the breast becomes evident with the edema removed from the body over time, and it takes about 8-10 weeks for the breast to take its final shape.

What is the age limit for breast reduction surgery? 

If the patient does not have health problems then a breast reduction operation is suitable for every patient over the age of 18, who has completed his physical development and has serious growth in his breasts, this surgery can be done safely in our center.

Breast reduction surgery can be performed even in young patients who have not yet breastfed, but surgery is not recommended because breast development is not yet completed under 18 years of age, but some young patients with uncontrolled breasts can be operated on at an earlier age, but because their breasts are not fully developed yet, a second surgery may be required in the later period of their life.  

  In which situations breast reduction surgery is not recommended?

Surgery may not be recommended considering the general condition of the patient, as it increases the risk of complications in the surgery in cases of excessive smoking, diabetes, soft tissue, severe heart failure or by-pass surgery, and in cases of extreme obesity.

Is it possible for the breast to be lifted with breast reduction surgery?

These two operations are intertwined operations. Along with breast reduction surgery, lifting is applied.

Does breast reduction surgery affect breastfeeding?

The breast structure of each patient is different from each other. Such a conclusion cannot be reached before the examination. However, in some patients, milk ducts may also be present in the tissue taken. This may lead to a decrease in efficiency in breastfeeding.

How many days should patients from abroad stay in Istanbul? 

For patients who want to have breast reduction surgery. It is sufficient to stay in Istanbul for 8-10 days, and one night stay at the hospital is sufficient, and the next day they are discharged from the hospital with a prescribed medication. Post-operative controls, control appointments are scheduled depending on the length of stay of the patient.

Breast Reduction Surgery Prices 2024

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