Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast Reduction Surgery; Breasts are an organ that is the symbol of femininity, fertility, and motherhood in women and it is important for women to maintain their self-confidence identity while socializing.

Breasts, apart from their appearance, have also a great importance functionally as breastfeeding. Breast sizes and shapes may differ for each woman.

It would not be correct to say that this or that size is ideal for a beautiful breast. One size that looks ideal in one woman may look big or small in another. For this reason, the ideal breast size becomes a personal concept.

A personalized surgery program is developed by considering a measure related to the person’s weight, height, shoulder, and hip-width. Also, one’s own opinions are a very important factor in determining the ideal breast size.

Breast reduction surgery is a type of surgery that is applied because it does not only have an aesthetic purpose compared to other breast surgeries but also corrects health problems coming with the big size of the breasts.

Breast reduction surgery is preferred for people with advanced breast size and breast weight due to conditions such as tilting the body forward, back, neck, and spine pain, rash or wounds under the breast, inability to find the desired clothes, and inequality in the breasts.

Reducing the large breast tissue is only possible with surgical operation. The situation of experiencing such problems is eliminated by breast reduction surgery and the person can continue his healthy and normal life more easily.

Breast reduction surgeries aim to achieve more upright and aesthetic breasts that relieve the patient’s complaints and look equal and fit.

Thanks to breast reduction surgery, neck, back, and spine pain caused by large breasts and turning people’s lives into nightmares is eliminated, and a more attractive and more dynamic image is provided.