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Non-Surgical Face Lift

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Non-Surgical Face Lift

The non-surgical face lift allows you to have young, stretched, smooth and bright skin. You do not have to undergo surgery to have the skin you desire.

Today, non-surgical procedures are more popular with both women and men. With middle age, sagging occurs on the face due to the effect of gravity.

Previously, it was possible to eliminate the sagging problem with non surgical face lift surgery. However, you can now have tight skin without surgery.

There is no decrease in the quality of life of the person during or after the procedure, the patient can return to his social life immediately after the procedure. Long recovery times are not required after a non-surgical facelift.

The patient will get natural results. Non-surgical facelifts can be done using different techniques. Key suspension and focus ultrasound methods are mostly preferred.

What is a Non-Surgical Face Lift with a lock strap method?

Non-surgical facelifts can be done with the help of threads. Thanks to the threads, the face regains its oval appearance, it becomes tight and tense.

Generally, a lock hanger or Aptos rope suspension is preferred, these ropes are specially designed, they have a flexible structure, and are ideal for those with thin skin.

The threads can be preferred for patients around the age of 30, it is a preferred method for skin health at an early age. After the procedure, the patient’s cheek edge lines are opened.

It is mostly preferred for heavy faces. It is possible to perform a non-surgical facelift with this method on all kinds of faces. Lock suspension application is the most effective rope suspension system known.

Is Non-Surgical Face Lift with the Lock Strap method painful?

When the lock sling method is preferred for non-surgical facelifts, you will not feel pain as local anesthesia will be applied.

It has an average processing time of 45 minutes while no stitches are required as the procedure is performed under the scalp, this methıd can be applied for all ages.

It gives the patient solutions for sagging from different levels. After the procedure is performed, with the passage of the anesthetic effect, a slight pain may be felt, but you can easily manage these pains by using pain medications.

The person can return to his normal daily life immediately after the procedure. This method, which was previously effective for 1.5 years, now has a permanence of 4 to 6 years. This system ensures the preservation of natural expression on the face throughout the time.

What is Non-Surgical Face Lift with Focus Ultrasound?

The last generation system preferred for non-surgical facelift is HIFO, in other words, High Intensity Focused Ultrasound. In this method, the skin heals itself naturally.

Thermal energy is transmitted to the deepest layers of the skin, meanwhile, collagen production is triggered. It is possible to apply to individuals between the ages of 30 and 65 on average.

It is preferred for both eyebrow lifting, facelift, and jaw recovery. The session takes an average of 30 minutes, a strong tightening effect can be felt on the skin, It also creates a rejuvenation effect.

You can start to see these effects after a month, two months after the procedure, you will start to get maximum results. In this process, the skin is not damaged, the target tissue heats up to an average of 65 degrees, It is effective in the fibroblast layer of the skin.

After the application, both collagen and elastin production is triggered. You will see an average of 30 percent of the results, and the rest in the following months.

What is a Non-Surgical Face Lift with Thermage CPT?

If Thermage CPT is preferred for non-surgical facelifts, radiofrequency waves are used to work on the subcutaneous connective tissue. Collagen bands are heated.

You can see the effects that will continue for years even in a single session. When a non-surgical facelift is performed with CPT, the laser is used. It is possible to apply the process in all seasons because it is comfortable.

Patients do not feel pain during the procedure, it allows them to get rid of crow’s feet in the corners of the eyes. It also clears the fine wrinkles around the lip.

The patient should wait an average of 4 to 6 months to see the effects of the treatment. Thanks to the non-surgical facelift, collagen production is triggered in the lower layers of the skin.

RF energies are sent with the special Thermage CPT head. Depending on the size of the area to be treated, the session varies between 45 minutes and 1 hour.

For which places of the face is a Non-Surgical Face Lift with Thermage CPT suitable?

CPT, which is preferred for non-surgical facelifts, is also applied to different areas. Other places where the popular non-surgical facelift technique is preferred in the body can be listed as follows:

  • Abdomen,
  • Arms,
  • Hand,
  • Legs,
  • butt,
  • It is a procedure that is also effective on the eyelids.

When the special head of this device is used, even the most sensitive and small prints can be lifted with a lifting effect. It can be preferred by women with low eyelid problems. Moreover, there are no surgical scars.

There is no need for a recovery period, you start to see the effect gradually, you will see that the wrinkles on your skin have decreased in the first 3 months. The CFT technique in non-surgical facelift shows its permanence between 2 and 4 years.

What is Non-Surgical Face Lift with Filling?

Non-surgical facelifts can be done with different filling materials. Thanks to filling applications, you can restore the volume of the skin that has been lost with age.

You can fill in wrinkles. It’s time to say goodbye to your tired and old face. The filling materials are to be used in non-surgical facelifts, hyaluronic acid-based fillings are generally preferred.

This material is preferred not only for face lifting but also for many other aesthetic procedures. The most used areas can be listed as follows:

  • Getting asymmetrical face,
  • To remove the under-eye volume,
  • To correct the jawline that is standing behind,
  • To camouflage the bruises,
  • Fillers are used for purposes such as giving a fall appearance to the arched noses.

Hyaluronic acid filling material can last for an average of 6 months to 2 years in the human body, depending on the brand and the amount of the filler applied.

What is Non-surgical Face Lift with Facial Mesotherapy?

The mesotherapy method is preferred for non-surgical facelifts because it often removes the signs of aging. In this method, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that are already contained in the skin are injected into the skin. Injection can be applied to the face and décolleté area.

Thanks to the mesotherapy method for non-surgical facelift, your skin is tightened and the blood circulation to your skin is regulated.

Not only will you say goodbye to the signs of aging, but you will also make your skin more resistant and more fresh. Facial mesotherapy is applied in terms of solving many different skin problems.

What is a Non-Surgical Face Lift with Ultherapy?

The ultherapy method can be preferred for non-surgical facelifts. It is a method that does not cause the upper layer of the skin to be affected.

It goes down to the undercoat layer of the leather. It works by sending sound waves to these layers. The energy sent to this area causes minimal damage to the skin, which triggers the skin’s repair mechanisms.

Ultherapy for non-surgical facelifts contributes to tightening the skin. A single session will be sufficient. This is its biggest advantage. A new session may be needed after 1 year only if the person to be treated is elderly.

It is a method that has been applied for a long time. It has become a favorite of people as it is a safe, approved, practical, and fast method for non-surgical facelifts.

Non-Surgical Face Lift Prices 2024

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