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What is Dermapen?

Thanks to the dermapen application, you can get rid of skin imperfections. Age spots, acne, wrinkles will no longer exist! Dermapen application is one of the most popular procedures recently.

Thanks to this process, you can get rid of the signs of aging on the face. The skin becomes tighter and more well-groomed with the procedure.

It is known that the history of the process goes back to China, at that time, the application was made with a microneedle system. It is said that Chinese princes made dermapen.

Today, this practice is still being used by using modern medical methods. It has been recently selected as one of the best skincare applications in the USA.

It ensures successful results especially from acne, stretch marks, and wrinkle scars. In the dermapen process, the epidermis, which is the upper layer, is not damaged, no irritation or peeling on the skin.

People see a serious difference before and after dermapen. It has almost miraculous effects.

How is the Dermapen application done?

Before the dermapen application, the person’s face is cleaned. There should be no make-up on the area to be treated, and the skin needs to be purified from all dirt.

Then, mesotherapy, or pure hyaluronic acid application is applied to the area of the skin. During the application, many microchannels are opened in the skin layer, needling is done better thanks to the vibration.

Microneedles that enter and exit the skin at a right angle trigger the healing mechanisms in the skin. The skin feels like it is in danger and tries to protect itself. These processes take an average of 30 minutes. After leaving a single session, you will have a renewed skin.

To which areas we can apply Dermapen?

Dermapen can be applied to various parts of the skin. These places can be listed as follows:

  • Neck and its circumference,
  • Chin area sagging,
  • Upper lip lines,
  • Acne and scar scars in the cheek area,
  • Pores,
  • Under-eye bags,
  • Goose feet,
  • Eyebrow area,

You can say goodbye to all problems in the forehead area thanks to the dermapen application.

Although Dermapen application is not very common, it is a method that can be applied to hands and arms.

After how many sessions does Dermapen application give results?

After 4 sessions of Dermapen application, you will begin to get miraculous results. It is recommended to have 4 sessions with at least 4 weeks. After these sessions, you will feel that your skin improved.

The process does not leave any stains or marks on the skin, it can be applied to all skin types and it does not cause heat in the skin. Laser applications cause skin heating and are extremely easy to apply to areas that are difficult to reach.

Who cannot apply Dermapen?

Dermapen application does not have any side effects. However, some people should not have dermapen. People that Dermapen application is inconvenient for them can be listed as follows:

  • Those with skin inflammation,
  • Those with diabetes,
  • Dermapen is not recommended for people with allergic reactions.

If the above-mentioned people still want to have dermapen, they should consult their physician beforehand. The application should be done in a sterile environment for everyone.

Since expert knowledge is required, it should only be done by doctors. You can get successful results from the procedure performed by the doctors in the clinical environment.

How does Dermapen application affect?

Dermapen treatment is similar to traditional Chinese acupuncture treatment. The upper layer of the skin is stimulated which allows the skin to heal itself naturally.

Dermapen does not have a purpose such as reducing the pain as in acupuncture. The aim here is to make the skin more beautiful.

Generally, a 12-needle instrument is used for dermapen procedure, the pen is held at a 90 degree right angle to the skin. The needle moves back and forth quickly which allows the skin to open up like a small engine.

Specially designed needles are used, slightly rotating needles provide an effective opening on the skin. Thanks to the pen’s stimulation of the skin, skin rejuvenation is triggered. What provides rejuvenation in the skin is the stuck in both collagen and elastin production.

What are the benefits of the Dermapen application?

Dermapen application has been a preferred method in skincare for a long time thanks to the benefits it offers. The benefits of this method can be listed as follows:

  • It allows the skin to absorb the products efficiently.
  • You get the maximum benefit from skincare products.
  • You solve the problem of hair loss.
  • Your skin will be firmer.
  • The enlarged pores become smaller.
  • The skin becomes beautiful.
  • The skin regains its moisture balance.

Who are the ideal candidates for Dermapen Application?

Dermapen application can be done for anyone whose general health condition is suitable. It is not an application with gender or age restrictions.

If the person is using acne medication, he should consult a specialist before treatment. Dermapen application of pregnant women is not medically recommended.

Slight bruising on the skin is considered normal after dermapen application. While this is a temporary side effect, it is not a problem.

The person should avoid the sun after the procedure. Both protective products should be applied and hats should be worn. The side effects seen after an average of 3 days will disappear.

What should be done after Dermapen application?

The do’s and don’ts after Dermapen application can be listed as follows:

  • It is necessary to wait at least 12 hours to apply make-up after application.
  • Direct sunlight should not be avoided for 1 day after the application. High protective factor sunscreens should be applied.
  • Activities that cause excessive sweating should not be done after Dermapen application. It is necessary to avoid heavy sports.
  • Waxing should not be done until 2 weeks after the procedure.
  • It is necessary to wait at least 1 week before peeling.
  • After the procedure, 1 day should be waited to touch the area with water.

Is Dermapen a painful procedure?

For the dermapen procedure to be painless, local anesthesia is applied 20 minutes before the procedure. If the patient has a sensitive skin type, numbing cream can also be used.

The Dermapen pen provides a thousand 300 micro holes in the skin within a second. These holes allow the production of collagen and elastane in the skin.

If you decide to have a treatment, start drinking plenty of water a week before, include plenty of vegetables and fruits in your diet.

You must help prepare your skin for treatment. You must have skincare suitable for your skin. A good skincare routine is the most important point for skin health.

Dermapen application is suitable for which problems?

The skin problems you can improve with Dermapen application are:

  • Loss of skin elasticity,
  • Scars on the skin,
  • Age spots on the skin,
  • Irregularities in skin tone,
  • Enlarged pores in the skin,
  • Dermapen provides highly effective treatments for acne spots.

Is Dermapen application risky?

Dermapen application is not plastic surgery, it has no risk as it only causes micro-scale damage, it has a minimal risk level.

People may experience irritation on their skin, there may be redness and irritation for a day or two, if problems such as bruising and bleeding occur after you have dermapen, you should talk to your doctor.

Dermapen is not recommended for those who have psoriasis and eczema diseases, and those who have recently received radiation therapy. Patients with the appropriate profile must follow the doctor’s recommendations.

However, in this way, risks are minimized. The expected results after the application of Dermapen begin to show up in about 1 week. Your doctor will call you for a control appointment during this process.

Do not forget to go to the control appointment and be informed about the current condition of your skin, how many sessions the treatment will consist of will be determined by these controls.

You can continue your normal life immediately after the procedure. Choose Dermapen safely as it is a safe, effective, and successful skincare method.

Dermapen Prices 2024

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