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What is Forehead Lift?

It is possible to get younger thanks to forehead lift aesthetics! Eyes and eyebrows are the focal point of facial expression. Sagging in the forehead will cause the face to look tired and old.

When the forehead is stretched and the eyebrows are raised, people can get a younger and aesthetic appearance. Thanks to the intervention, the skin gaps in the eyelid are removed.

Most of the time, an additional procedure is not performed for the upper eyelid surgery. It is considered normal to experience loosening and sagging of the forehead skin due to aging.

The lines get deeper than they normally do. Stress, malnutrition, irregular lifestyle, and even air pollution can cause sagging.

How Does the Process Work After the Forehead Lift?

It is considered normal to have swelling around the forehead and eyes after the forehead lift. However, it is expected and it will pass by time. The patient may also feel numbness and tension within 2 weeks.

This is also normal. A bandage can be applied to the patient, leaving the nose, mouth, and eyes open. The patient is allowed to wash their hair during this period. After 3-4 days, the bandages are left open.

The stitches need to be taken 8 days after the procedure. In some cases, revision can be recommended. There is no harm in wearing makeup after the first day. Within 10 days the person can return to work.

However, it is necessary during this process, to avoid heavy work and exercise. It is also extremely important to be protected from external impacts.

How to prepare before Forehead Lift?

You must communicate with your surgeon before the procedure. The doctor will give you the necessary information about the procedure.

The person who wants to have the procedure done should not leave any question marks about the procedure. The doctor will inform the patient, if necessary, about alternative treatments.

After the decision of the surgery is made, it is necessary to collect information about the general health status of the patient. Laboratory tests will be requested.

The patient should stop the blood thinners that may affect the bleeding in the surgery. Vitamin E should also be stopped. Also, the things to do for preparation can be listed as follows:

  • Jewelry should be left at home.
  • You should wear comfortable clothes going to the hospital.
  • Makeup should not be worn.
  • The shower should be taken before the surgery.
  • Hair should be washed and clean.
  • You should not eat or drink before midnight.
  • Consult your doctor before stopping what should be required regularly.

Is the Forehead Lift procedure is painful?

The forehead lift is not painful because the procedure is performed under anesthesia. General anesthesia or local anesthesia may be required.

In some cases, after the procedure, the patient is discharged on the same day, but depending on the situation, the doctor may want to observe you in the hospital for one more day.

When the procedure is performed under sedation, it is normal to feel slightly uncomfortable afterward. In the general anesthesia method, the patient will be completely asleep during the operation. Depending on which technique will be used for the surgery, the procedure may take 1-2 hours.

Do we put a bandage after the Forehead Lift?

Bandages are applied after the forehead lift surgery. This bandage is applied to keep the skin in the required place during the healing process and to help reduce edema.

One day after the operation, an elastic band is used instead of this bandage. It is recommended that the patient use it for one or two days. Then, after 1 week, the patient will only need to use it at night.

It is normal for the patient to have edema at the incision site. Edema disappears after 10 days. Applying cold compresses after forehead lift and keeping the head up will help reduce edema.

What techniques are used in the Forehead Lift surgery?

There are two that can be used in the forehead lift surgery. One is an open forehead lift and the other is an endoscopic forehead lift.

The doctor will decide which of these methods will be used after examining the patient. The face is an extremely sensitive area, so it is very important to determine the method correctly.

The person who thinks about the forehead lift should first explain in detail what his / her complaints are. The doctor should make the correct diagnosis and make the most appropriate intervention for the patient’s face.

If the patient has droopy eyebrows, the doctor may also recommend eyebrow lift surgery with forehead lift. Forehead lift surgery can be performed alone or in combination with other procedures.

Who are the people eligible for the Forehead Lift surgery?

It is suitable for both men and women over the age of 40 and without health problems to do a forehead lift surgery. Thanks to the surgery, the lines on the forehead become minimal.

The eyebrows that hang over the eye also rise. The person has a fresh expression. Besides the eyes, some of the lines are also eliminated by the forehead lift. In cases of excessive sagging, a classical forehead lift is sufficient.

There will be a line behind the hairline on an average of 4.5 cm. However, this scar will be hidden by the hair. After this forehead lift, therewill be a loss of sensation in the scalp. It’s normal.

The procedure has recently been performed using endoscopic methods. Thanks to this method, the postoperative process is easier. The loss of sensation in the scalp is also minimized.

The application should be done under the supervision of an anesthesiologist and in the operating room environment. Both general anesthesia and local anesthesia can be applied.

The person can return to his home the same day after the procedure. It can be applied together with other aesthetic surgeries. Only then will the hospital stay be longer.

How long that it takes to return to normal life after a Forehead Lift?

Since the forehead lift is a successful procedure, revision or retouching is rarely required. It is possible for the person to return to work and to start doing make-up within 2 weeks.

However, it is very important for a person to protect himself from sun and hard impacts for up to 2 months. The results of the forehead lift are permanent.

The newly given shape to the forehead and eyebrows will naturally be affected by gravity. Accordingly, the permanence of the forehead lift process becomes evident.

Forehead Lift Prices 2024

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