Dhi Hair Transplant

Dhi takes its hair transplant initials from the words Direct Hair Implantation. It means direct hair transplantation. The method should only be applied by experts.

With this method, a medical pen called CHOI is used when hair is transplanted. Hair taken with this pen can be placed directly on the skin without any incision.

While other hair transplant methods require a two-step process, the DHI method can be treated in one step. This means comfort and convenience for the patient.

When it is desired to transplant hair with the FUE method, the process takes place in 3 stages. The Dhi hair transplant method aims to increase the quality of hair transplantation and to capture an intense image. In this process, the existing hairy appearance is preserved.

Hair transplantation is provided without shortening the hair. The person can quickly return to his daily life after the procedure.