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Dhi Hair Transplant

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Dhi Hair Transplant

Dhi takes its hair transplant initials from the words Direct Hair Implantation. It means direct hair transplantation. The method should only be applied by experts.

With this method, a medical pen called CHOI is used when hair is transplanted. Hair taken with this pen can be placed directly on the skin without any incision.

While other hair transplant methods require a two-step process, the DHI method can be treated in one step. This means comfort and convenience for the patient.

When it is desired to transplant hair with the FUE method, the process takes place in 3 stages. The Dhi hair transplant method aims to increase the quality of hair transplantation and to capture an intense image. In this process, the existing hairy appearance is preserved.

Hair transplantation is provided without shortening the hair. The person can quickly return to his daily life after the procedure.

What are the advantages of the DHI Hair Transplant Method?

DHI hair transplantation stages start with the application of local anesthesia to the shadow. This application provides relaxation of the hair follicles. Hair follicles are collected with a special pen.

Then, these hair follicles are placed on the scalp with a special device. It is ensured that the hair follicles are placed on the scalp with a special CHOI pen.

The structure of the pen is quite sharp, thin. In this way, it is possible to place a hair follicle. If the medical pen is pressed on the scalp, the hair follicle is settled on the scalp.

Meanwhile, healthy tissues are not harmed. It is a very advantageous method of hair transplantation as it allows very thin transplantation.

The DHI hair transplant method is preferred because the roots are placed immediately without waiting. While this increases the retention rate, it also ensures that the grafts remain healthy.

The method has been used for a very long time. Especially in recent times, the frequency of application has become increasingly popular.

How long does DHI Hair Transplant take?

Although DHI hair transplantation varies, it takes approximately 10 to 12 hours. As with other hair transplant methods, it is necessary to perform a control on the first day after the procedure.

Washing should be done on the second day. Controls continue for 8 days. For the success of the procedure, the person performing the transplantation must be experienced. Only in this case, successful results can be obtained.

What are the advantages of the DHI Hair Transplant Method?

The advantages of the DHI hair transplant method can be listed as follows:

– The patient can recover quickly.

-It does not cause any damage to existing hair.

– It is a method that can be applied to patients with incomplete hair loss.

– Thanks to the special tool, there is no waiting time for the roots.

– There is no risk of root loss.

– Very frequent transplanting can be done.

– It is possible to obtain natural looks.

– The stages of grooving and inserting the hair follicle take place in one go.

  • The amount of bleeding is very small.

Who can apply DHI Hair Transplantation?

DHI can be applied to anyone who has completed hair transplant development. Both women and men who have hair loss problems can find a solution to baldness, loss, and thinning with this application.

For patients who want to transplant without shaving, the most suitable method is DHI hair transplantation. The doctor must decide together with the patient, which method will be used for hair transplantation.

Planting prices vary depending on the application area and application features. It is important to investigate the history and experience of the doctor when deciding where to transplant.

It is necessary to go through a rigorous research process. Patient comments are among the features that should be considered while making decisions.

What is the difference between the DHI Method from FUE?

In the DHI hair transplant method, it is possible to transplant the hair without shaving. Immediately after the hair follicles are taken from the donor area, they are transplanted back in a short time like 1-2 minutes.

There is no need for roots outside of the body to wait. Hair follicles are not likely to be damaged. If the hair is not completely shed, transplantation can be done between the hair more easily.

DHI hair transplantation is preferred especially in narrow areas. In this method, hair transplantation with a pen is done one by one. The doctor uses angles of 40 to 45 degrees for a natural look while adding hair follicles.

Apart from this, the specialist should also pay attention to the angle of the existing hair. After the hair roots and angle are decided, it uses a special pushing pencil.

Thanks to this pen, which can be in different sizes, it is possible to adjust according to the hair follicle and thickness structure.

What’s the age range of a DHI Hair Transplant?

To benefit from the DHI hair transplant method, people must have completed their physical development. There is no age restriction in hair transplantation. Here it is necessary to look at the type of spill.

If the skin is visible, DHI hair transplantation can be applied. In cases where the density falls below 50 percent, it would be wise to have a hair transplant.

Hair loss begins in men after the age of 40. For such patients, a second or third session may be required while hair transplantation is performed. You can get information about the number of sessions after being examined.

How long does DHI Hair Transplant take?

Although the DHI hair transplantation method varies according to the type of procedure, it takes an average of 3 to 5 hours. If the patient does not want those around him to know that he has had a hair transplant, this method is suitable for him.

It will be incomprehensible that a hair transplant has been done within an average of 10 days. The person can return to his normal daily life within two days.

It is considered completely normal to have crusting and redness in the area immediately after the application. It is necessary to wash once a day to eliminate these effects.

Between 7 and 10 days, the scabs are shed and the transplanted area begins to heal. A pre-planting appearance can be obtained within an average of 15 days. Afterward, there is no change within 3 months.

After 3 months, new hair starts to grow. New hair starts to appear with an increase of 10 percent every month. 90 percent of the transplanted hair is seen in the 9th month.

Is DHI Hair Transplant Method Painful?

DHI hair transplantation is not a painful method. Before the method, local anesthesia is applied. There is no risk. After the operation, the person does not feel pain. It is a comfortable and reliable procedure.

If necessary, it is possible to have hair transplantation done again. Before the procedure, attention is paid to points such as whether the shedding continues or the size of the planting area.

It is possible to have more than one session depending on the patient’s condition. The appearance of newly growing hair is just like one’s own hair.

There is no unnatural appearance. If successful application has been made, the hair will not be distinguished from natural hair.

What to Do Before DHI Hair Transplantation?

Although anesthesia is applied before DHI hair transplantation, a blood test must be done beforehand. It is recommended to test patients against possible health problems such as HIV, Hepatitis B, C. Only in this way, healthy and risk-free DHI hair transplantation will be possible.

The patient should never have consumed alcohol, cigarettes or taken blood thinners before the procedure. Before DHI hair transplantation, the specialist should be informed about the drugs used, if any.

Smoking should have been quit at least 48 hours before. Before DHI hair transplantation, it is beneficial for the person to fully convey his expectation to the doctor.

The doctor will inform the patient in detail about the results and possible effects. It is very important to choose the application place carefully. The process must be carried out in a sterile environment.

DHI Hair Transplant Prices 2024

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