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Beard Transplant

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What is Beard Transplant?

Beard transplant offers an aesthetic solution to men that their beard is missing or when the beard does not grow. Beard deficiency can cause self-esteem problems in men.

Beard is an aesthetic value that is very valued by men in our society. There may be a beard deficiency for various reasons. This condition, which is called leathery among the people, can be caused by congenital or later reasons. beard transplantis applied with different methods.

When the FUE transplantation method is preferred, hair follicles are taken from the donor area of ​​the patient one by one and transferred to the beard area.

FUE method is frequently used for beard transplant. Because after the procedure, there is no scar in the transplanted area.

How is Beard Transplant performed with the FUE method?

If the FUE method is preferred for beard transplant, the donor area should be determined first in the patient. It is preferred to remove hair in areas close to the beard area, such as the cheekbones and neck, which are not aesthetically necessary.

It is essential to provide sufficient grafts. If there are not enough grafts, hairs need to be taken from the healthy areas for transplantation. The hairs taken from these areas are preferred because they will not create any deficiency in that area.

The second stage in beard transplantation is determining the area to be transplanted. It is also necessary to determine how much sowing will be made. After the area to be transplanted is determined, a channel should be opened.

Channel opening is considered one of the most important stages of hair transplantation. It is very important that the channel opening is at the right angle.

Because opening channels suitable for the width of the hair follicles provide naturalness. The hair follicles taken are placed one by one into these opened channels.

What’s the process after Beard Transplant?

The patient will be discharged immediately after the beard transplant procedure. Washing is performed for the patient after 1 to 3 days on average.

Until washing is done, the patient must protect this area. Immediately after the transplantation process, the hair follicles and the skin do not fully join. Protection is required to ensure this union.

The patient needs to stay away from water and not wash the area until the first wash. Also, it is necessary to avoid the contact of cologne and perfume-like substances.

The area should not be shaved until the doctor approves. After transplant, patients are recommended to stay away from smoking and alcohol for at least 1 week.

The hairs in the transplanted area begin to fall out within an average of 30 days after transplantation. This shedding is completely normal so there is no need to worry. Only the transplanted hairs are shed and the hair roots are still in place.

When are results obtained after Beard Transplant?

After the beard transplant, an average of 6 to 9 months is required for the patient to achieve the desired appearance. Shortening this process is a situation in the patient’s own hands.

Applying the right hygiene rules, avoiding smoking and alcohol, strictly following what the doctor says, ensures that the results of beard transplant are obtained in the ideal time.

Beard transplantation results may not give results at the same time for everyone. The lifestyle, age, gender, and even weight of the person are important factors in this process.

What are the Beard Transplant prices?

Beard transplant prices vary according to different factors. Factors such as how many grafts will be transferred, how much experience the doctor has, affect the price.

Price information can be given after the examination, and after learning the patient’s expectation. More important than the prices in the beard transplant process is the selection of reliable, hygienic, experienced doctors who can provide the results the patient wants.

What are the stages of Beard Transplant?

Beard transplantation stages can be listed as follows:

– First, the hair follicle is taken from the donor area.

– Natural application is made so that the hairs taken are applied for this area.

– Careful graft removal takes place. In this process, there is no scar on the person’s skin.

  • The number of roots suitable for the density of the region is determined. If the person has no beard on his face, the desired frequency is determined. An average of one thousand to 3 thousand roots is required.

What’s the age range for Beard Transplant?

To have a beard transplant, the hormones must first settle. The average age for hormones to settle in the human body is between 20 and 22.

Beard transplant is performed for those who have beard sparseness, those who do not grow a beard due to a burn, and those who have a beard deficiency due to the wound.

Beard transplantation is similar to eyebrow transplantation. Age-appropriate men can apply this method if their hair is irregular and there is incomplete hair growth. Although beard transplantation is not like hair transplantation, it is different from each other.

The density of the beards can be very different from the hair. Only the beard in the missing area can be treated. They link the beard in a single area with the surrounding beards.

If the patient has zero beard, taking an average of 1,500 to 3,000 roots allows you to have a normal beard appearance.

How to calculate the number of roots for Beard Transplant?

If the beard transplantation is to be done for the mustache area, an average of 350 to 500 roots are required. For those who want to create a full look, 600 to 700 roots are taken.

For minor looks, the amount of root to be taken is less. For example, taking an average of 200 to 250 roots. Of course, root numbers will vary from a patient to another.

Prices also vary depending on the number of roots to be transplanted. Taking more roots will mean increasing the price more.

When do beards begin to appear after Beard Transplant?

After the beard transplant, it is necessary to wait for the cleaning process after an average of 24 hours to 48 hours before the beards begin to appear. It is normal to have blood in the transplanted area.

Because the body nourishes the planted area. These blood flows disappear automatically within 1-2 weeks. It is also completely normal to have acne in the transplant area. No need to worry.

Before the beard transplantation, local anesthesia is applied. In this way, the person does not feel pain during transplantation.

What is a facial hair transplant in Beard Transplant?

For beard transplantation, it is not always necessary to take grafts from areas where hair follicles are dense and thick. Thanks to the process called facial hair transplant, roots are taken from the face.

When these new beards first appear, they are shaped like a feather. By regular and careful shaving over time, the hairs in the area can grow harder and thicker. On an average of 1 month, there is a serious beard stiffness.

What is redness and Scab occurring after Beard Transplant?

Redness and scabs that were seen after beard transplant are considered completely normal. It is among the complications that will disappear automatically depending on time.

Acne-like rashes on the hair follicles after the operation means that the application is successful. These pimples should never be intervened. The crusting situation occurs when the roots are planted in the form of holes.

It has the same features as the rash at the intervened point. After the beard transplantation, the patient should not interfere with this area. It is necessary to avoid physical contact.

Physical contact can cause bacterial growth in the area. It also makes it difficult for the hair follicles to attach. Since the crusting usually disappears within 3 days, it is not a cause for concern.

Beard Transplant Prices 2024

Hair transplant prices vary according to different factors for 2024.

Factors such as how many grafts will be transferred, how much experience the physician has, affect the price.

Price information can be given after the best examination, after learning the patient’s expectation.

You can contact us for detailed information about beard transplant prices Turkey 2024.