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Post Bariatric Surgery

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Post Bariatric Surgery

Post bariatric surgery is applied to eliminate sagging and deformations that occur when weight is lost after obesity. Thanks to this application, the body of the person is put into shape again.

The person can get the desired body shape. People who are overweight encounter many deformations in their bodies after getting rid of their excess. These deformations occur almost all over the body.

Breasts, hips, face, neck, buttocks are the most affected areas. The skin in this area becomes loose and saggy. There are usually folds in the abdomen.

The excess skin in the area hangs down due to the effect of gravity. At this point post bariatric surgery comes into play. All these deformations are eliminated and the person is provided with the ideal form.

How many sessions takes Post Bariatric Surgery?

Post-bariatric surgery procedure is not applied and completed in a single session. Patient-specific planning is made for body shaping.

The session duration of this surgery, which is performed under general anesthesia, may be different for each person. The surgery has a certain order in itself. This order can be as follows:

  • Face lift,
  • Arm lift,
  • Breast lift,
  • Butt lift,
  • Butt plumping,
  • Tummy tuck
  • Waist stretching,
  • Operations are performed in sequential order such as leg lift.

For each operation, the doctor defines a certain recovery period. After this period, a revision surgery may be required.

Do I need to be in the hospital after Post Bariatric Surgery?

It is recommended that patients rest in the hospital for a night or two after post-bariatric surgery. After the operation, a corset should be worn for a specific period of time as the doctor recommended.

The scars are not visible after body shaping. Because the incisions made during the surgery are in places to be hidden. After a certain period of time from the operation, these scars fade and become not visible at all.

 When is Post Bariatric Surgery performed?

To be able to perform a post bariatric surgery, 12 to 16 months should pass after the gastric surgery. This period may be longer for some patients. The general condition of the patient should be evaluated to determine the duration.

In the surgery, which is performed by cutting the areas in the abdomen, waist and hips, it is possible to get rid of sagging in the hip area, while volume can be given to the areas without volume.

The person’s own fat is used for volume. In this way, it is possible to obtain a natural appearance. In case of excessive sagging, an application similar to abdominoplasty is performed.

The patient must be conscious about corset applications. After the hospital stay is completed, the healing process begins.

Who are the potential patients for Post Bariatric Surgery?

Post-bariatric surgery is applied to patients diagnosed with obesity, who have sagging and deformation in their body as a result of losing weight. After an average of 10 days after this surgery, it is possible for the person to return to his normal life.

This surgery is not a painful operation. Thanks to the use of recommended painkillers, people go through a comfortable recovery process after post bariatric surgery.

There are important points that a person should pay attention to when entering the healing process. For example, the person should have a balanced and healthy diet during this period. Solid foods should be consumed after a certain period of time. It is necessary to strictly follow the doctor’s recommendations.

What’s the procedure of a Post Bariatric Surgery?

Complications related to general anesthesia should be evaluated while planning post bariatric surgery. Ideally, 4 months to 6 months should be between each operation to minimize these complications.

It is recommended to process by dividing into sessions. Usually, tissues are removed for saggy skin from the abdomen, waist and genitals. After post bariatric surgery is performed for these areas, arm sagging is treated.

Breast sagging should also be evaluated. Finally, sagging in the face and neck area is evaluated. Meanwhile, volume operations are also taken into consideration.

How many hours does Post Bariatric Surgery take?

Post bariatric surgery takes an average of 4 to 6 hours. The procedure must be performed in an environment with an intensive care unit and full-fledged and experienced anesthetists.

People must go through a detailed check-up before the procedure. Post-bariatric surgery is not suitable for patients with high blood pressure, diabetes, or psychiatric disorders.

Heavy smokers should also stay away from this practice. In order to enter these processes, people must have gone through the normalization process.

This process is determined to be at least 2 years for under 30 years of age, according to a study. A special psychological and cardiological assessment is essential for people in this group.

When can I return to normal life after Post Bariatric Surgery?

You can return to normal life 2 weeks after post bariatric surgery. After this long operation, you must take a break from heavy exercises for up to 4 weeks.

After the operation, a healthy and balanced diet and exercise program should be adopted by the patient. It is imperative that you adopt this as a lifestyle. The person performing the post bariatric surgery procedure must be both experienced and reliable.

This choice should be made well in order to minimize the risk of possible complications. Preparation for the operation, post-operative process, healthy life recommendations, etc are all explained and assisted by the doctor and his team.

Why is Post Bariatric Surgery necessary ?

Post bariatric surgery is essential especially for people who lose a lot of weight. During the weight gain and loss process, some marks remain on the body.

It is possible for people who are overweight to experience positive effects, of course, with losing weight. However, some deformations will occur in the body. Especially sagging causes a bad appearance.

Skin excess affects the person negatively. Even people finding clothes due to skin folds can be tormented. Post bariatric surgery is absolutely necessary for people to have a quality life and to be self-safe.

This procedure will save the patient from this and similar burdens. It is necessary to check the general health status of the patient in order to understand whether the person is suitable for this procedure.

If the patient has an obstacle for surgery, a treatment-oriented procedure should be applied first.

How is Post Bariatric Surgery performed?

You will go to the hospital on an empty stomach in the morning of post bariatric surgery. Hospital admissions are made. General surgery preparations begin. It is also imperative that the surgery be performed under general anesthesia in a predetermined order.

Excess skins are first removed and then stitched with laser or other suitable material. It is important that all of these procedures are carried out meticulously by an expert.

The doctor plans how many sessions will be performed according to the patient’s condition. Since the amount of kg lost by some patients is less, sagging is also less. Therefore, a single session is sufficient.

However, for some patients, up to 3-4 sessions may be required. When planning, it is necessary to decide according to the general health status of the patient. Because the operation process affects the general health of the patient.

Session intervals should be determined by the doctor, just like the number of sessions. When the procedure is over, it will be necessary to stay in the hospital.

In this process, it is also necessary to be under the supervision of the doctor who performs the post bariatric surgery procedure and to follow the recommendations strictly.

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