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Thigh Lift

Thigh lift can be done for people who have sagging legs due to various reasons. After pregnancy, sagging may occur in people who lose excess weight and those who are older.

This may cause the patient to experience a lack of self-confidence and difficulty walking. The comfort of the patient will be impaired due to sagging.

Thanks to the thigh lift operation, it is possible to get rid of this discomfort. One of the techniques used to solve this problem is the laser lipolysis method.

If this method alone is not enough, it may need to be combined with different techniques. To determine which technique the patient will be treated with, the doctor should have a thorough examination.

What is the process before the Thigh Lift surgery?

Before the thigh lift procedure, the skin of the leg is sagged. There may also be cracks in some parts of the leg. There are stretch marks, especially in people who gain and lose weight.

Before deciding on the operation, a detailed evaluation of the person is provided. It should also be decided whether it is suitable for surgery or not. If you are a smoker, it is important to quit smoking before the surgery.

When you smoke, your veins narrow. This situation causes the operation site to bleed and the healing time to be delayed.

Therefore, it is necessary to stop smoking as in all surgeries. Also, blood thinners should not be taken. If you have medicines that you use regularly, you must consult your specialist before stopping them.

What is the Process After Thigh Lift Surgery?

The patient needs to rest after the thigh lift. The person should rest for the period determined by the doctor. The patient should avoid doing heavy exercises.

You should also avoid heavy work and sports until full recovery is finished. However, in this way, recovery will take a long time. Follow the doctor’s recommendations exactly.

During the hospital stay, the drain will be still on you. It is recommended to rest in the hospital for 1 day. You can take the first shower 2 days later.

During the first week, it is recommended to keep your legs at heart level while standing in a lying position. A controlled walk should be done frequently to prevent edema.

Smoking should not be allowed. Alcohol should not be consumed. After the procedure, there will be stitch marks, but these marks are not visible because it is on the inside of the leg.

Is Thigh Lift Surgery risky?

Thigh lift surgery is performed under general anesthesia. It carries the same risks of the surgeries performed under general anesthesia.

Before the procedure, the person should be evaluated in detail and it should be determined whether they are ready for the procedure or not. Necessary tests should also be done.

If the person who will perform the procedure is selected well, the probability of possible risks decreases. There may be situations such as infection and rarely wound opening after thigh lift surgery. You can minimize these risks by strictly following the doctor’s advice after the procedure.

Is an additional operation required after Thigh Lift?

Generally, no re-procedure is required after a thigh lift. After the procedure, the person’s skin becomes tight. They get rid of excess skin. They can continue their new life.

Although rare, sagging may be a problem due to excessive weight gain and loss again. This is a situation that we encounter very rarely. It is beneficial for people to be careful about gaining and losing weight after surgery.

Are there any scars after Thigh Lift?

Skin sagging is successfully eliminated after thigh lift. The remaining trace is vague. It is not noticeable because it is located inside the leg. It is not possible to notice the scars of thigh lift surgery without being especially shown.

After a successful surgery, if extraordinary situations are not experienced, sagging will never occur again. The leg will be well restrained.

What is the success rate of a Thigh Lift surgery?

One hundred percent successful results are obtained from the thigh lift procedure. Sagging in the leg area due to various reasons is effectively eliminated.

Tightening that is not provided in any other method can be achieved by the process. The patient needs to determine whether he is suitable for the procedure beforehand.

People who are suitable for leg lift can have the lifting procedure done without worrying about success.

What should we pay attention to after a Thigh Lift procedure?

After the thigh lift, it is necessary to make sure that the stitches are kept clean. Otherwise, infection may occur in wound areas. It is necessary to rest for a certain period and not to strain the legs.

For this reason, it is essential to avoid doing heavy exercises. People can return to their normal lives within 10 days of about a week.

It is completely normal to feel pain right after the thigh lift. However, this pain is not unbearable. If necessary, you can use pain medication under the doctor’s recommendation.

Smoking should be avoided after the surgery. Otherwise, you will increase the healing process.

How long does it take a Thigh Lift surgery?

Thigh lift takes an average of 2-3 hours under general anesthesia. Appropriate incisions are made from the appropriate areas and the sagging skin and excess skin are removed.

The scars of these incisions will be in invisible places on the body. Generally, the groin area, hip fold area is preferred for thigh lift.

Cracks and sagging may occur due to reasons such as advanced age, weight gain or loss, or purely genetic reasons. Lifting provides a solution in cases such as loosening of subcutaneous support tissue.

What is the method adopted in the Thigh Lift procedure?

For the patient who comes with a thigh lift request, a detailed examination is performed first. In this examination, it is necessary to understand what the patient expects from the thigh lift procedure.

The patient’s thigh area is examined. The quality of the skin, the amount of sagging is important. If there is only fat in the area and there is no sagging, then it may be sufficient to only do a liposuction.

Thanks to this application, the leg becomes both thinner and tighter. Even if the legs of the patient have sagging and loosening at the same time, fat removal is not sufficient in this case. For this, it is beneficial to use additional methods.

In cases where there is a significant sagging problem with fat, upper thigh lift surgery is appropriate. This process can be supported with liposuction. It is only possible to decide on the method after a healthy evaluation.

At what age can Thigh Lift procedure be performed?

Adult people of all ages can be treated with a thigh lift. Although it is a method generally applied to women, it is also a method applied to men.

The general health condition must be suitable for a thigh lift. Also, the person must have realistic expectations. Weight loss should not be continued after thigh lift.

Otherwise, sagging may continue to form on the skin and the result of the process will be damaged. If there is a possibility of gaining weight quickly, the already thin skin is stretched more and in this case, non-aesthetic skin cracks are shown on the skin.

Also, large scars may occur. For this reason, it is important to maintain weight after the procedure. Apart from these situations, the results to be achieved by the person will be guaranteed.

Although tension can be achieved up to a certain point with sports and some creams without thigh lift, it is possible to achieve tension that will not be possible with anything in a very short time with this procedure. A thigh lift is therefore preferred.

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