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What is Dental Aesthetics?

Thanks to dental aesthetics you can achieve the ideal tooth structure. All treatments performed on teeth are called dental aesthetics.

It is extremely important to evaluate the face proportionally, to understand the expectations of the person, and to evaluate the mouth components.

Analyzes need to be done at both the macro and micro levels. Thanks to the analysis, it is possible to see the result without any action.

After the application, the person has a suitable tooth structure with facial features and proportions. which areas are planned to be treated, are evaluated and discussions are made between the doctor and the patient.

Expectations need to be listened to thoroughly. The treatment plan is personal. It is important to approach with a multi-disciplinary approach. Dental aesthetic results are expected to be natural and compatible.

In which cases is Dental Aesthetics applied?

Some of the situations that require dental aesthetics can be listed as follows:

  • Filling or fractures in the anterior teeth,
  • There is a gap between the teeth,
  • Covering your mouth while smiling,
  • If your upper lip shows more than the ideal ratio while laughing,
  • If you do not like your tooth structure,
  • If there is a problem with the color of your teeth, you can apply for dental aesthetics.

Dental aesthetics find solutions to these problems and provide you with the smile you desire.

What are the Dental Aesthetics Applications?

Some of the dental aesthetic applications can be listed as follows:

  • Gum applications,
  • Teeth whitening,
  • Procedures related to mouth and lip structure,
  • Aesthetic coatings,
  • Orthodontics,
  • Transparent plate,
  • Leaf porcelain,
  • Gingival leveling,
  • The relationship between mouth and facial structure can be determined.

The purpose of these applications is to achieve results that are suitable for the person’s expectations. Harmony is achieved between mouth, environment, and tissues.

Irregularities in mouth, teeth, and gum structure are eliminated. It should not be forgotten that planning is the basic building block of the business and the doctor and patient dialogue is extremely important.

How long does it take Dental Aesthetics to apply?

The duration of dental aesthetics varies depending on factors such as which procedures will be performed, the examination performed by the dentist, clinical and radiological examination.

There is no standard duration of dental aesthetic application. Sometimes the process ends in 1 hour, and sometimes these processes take 1 year.

What is Orthodontic Treatment in Dental Aesthetics?

In dental aesthetics, serious distortions in the teeth are treated with orthodontic treatment. Problems with the jaw are included in this field. The wire attached to the teeth eliminates the problem of skewness.

Today, it is preferred to use transparent plaque instead of braces. In this way, you will be treated with a more aesthetic appearance. In some cases, the use of braces is mandatory and there is no other remedy.

However, in some patients, it is sufficient to use transparent plates, which are more practical. You can decide this after your doctor’s analysis.

What are Full Ceramics in Dental Aesthetics?

Dental aesthetics can be done for broken teeth. If there is a color difference in your teeth, if there is a difference in level, if you have dark-colored teeth, or if there is disparity between your teeth, then the full ceramic application is made for you. Full ceramic materials and half chrome can be used for treatment. Occlusal lamellar is mostly used today.

What are Zirconium Coatings in Dental Aesthetics?

Coating is among the oldest methods for dental aesthetics. This application can be done instead of bridges in gaps. It is applied to patients with tooth deficiency. Composite laminate can also be used.

The spaces between the teeth are closed. It is possible to apply it to teeth with a certain amount of distortion and coloring. If there is unwanted discoloration in the teeth, teeth whitening can be done.

There may be many different reasons for changing the color of the tooth. Undesirable discoloration may occur in the color of the teeth due to reasons such as being genetically predisposed, consuming a lot of tea and coffee, and using antibiotics.

Thanks to dental aesthetics, you can get white teeth. It is not possible to whiten the teeth by only brushing.

What are Transparent Braces in Dental Aesthetics?

In cases where the patient’s condition is suitable for dental aesthetics, transparent braces are preferred because they are more practical and aesthetic.

Transparent braces are not noticeable when viewed. Metal braces attract attention in the mouth and cause an unpleasant appearance. It should not be forgotten that you should be more sensitive about cleaning transparent braces. It is important to check frequently for the possibility of staining.

Transparent braces require higher fees than metal braces. However, considering the benefits, this fee is more than enough.

If you choose transparent braces for dental aesthetics, you can be sure that you will get results in a shorter time compared to metal braces.

How is Dental Implant Treatment Performed in Dental Aesthetics?

Dental aesthetics are often done for missing teeth. Requirements for dental implants can be listed as follows:

  • It is necessary to be determined to have regular checks.
  • Oral hygiene must be provided.
  • The person’s gums should be healthy.
  • There should be sufficient and healthy bone structure to support the implant.

The doctor prepares an appropriate treatment plan for patients with these conditions. Professionals meet the needs of the person by preparing a personalized plan.

What are the benefits of Dental Implant in Dental Aesthetics?

The benefits of using dental implants for dental aesthetics can be listed as follows:

  • It is good for general oral health.
  • They are permanent procedures, you don’t need to think about what to do next
  • Your self-confidence increases.
  • Your speaking improves.
  • You chew more easily.
  • You look better.
  • You do not have to cover your mouth with your hands.
  • You will be more comfortable in social situations.

What are Dental Coatings in Dental Aesthetics?

For dental aesthetics, only the front surface of the tooth is covered with tooth coatings. Thanks to coatings, the following problems can be solved:

  • Hollow teeth,
  • Broken and chipped teeth
  • Irregularly shaped teeth,
  • Misaligned teeth,
  • Worn teeth
  • You can say goodbye to the discoloration of teeth with tooth coatings.

If you decide to have dental aesthetics, consult your dentist first. The doctor should move to the consultation and treatment planning phase.

What is Enamel Shaping in Dental Aesthetics?

When performing dental aesthetics, the demand of patients may be tooth enamel shaping. It allows you to make quick adjustments to your teeth if you have a rough, irritating part of your tongue.

During this process, tools used for normal tooth polishing are used. During the application, a small surface of the tooth is removed to have a smoother effect on the teeth. The procedure is done without anesthetizing the mouth. After this procedure, your smile will improve.

What are the conditions to do Dental Aesthetics?

It is very important to provide some conditions to have dental aesthetics. For example, it is essential to clean all bacterial foci in the mouth and to have full oral hygiene.

If the aesthetic is done when there is bacteria in the mouth, it means that the process will be wasted in a contaminated environment. Before the procedure, the doctor examines the gums.

You must have healthy and symmetrical gums. Symmetry is evaluated. Photographs are taken before any action is taken. The doctor must shoot to adjust the treatment program.

Thanks to the developing technology, all the features of the gums of the teeth are revealed in the computer environment. A 3-dimensional model can be made. A plate is made on the obtained model.

Plaque temporarily remains in the patient’s mouth. Since dental aesthetics are personal, all these processes will also be personal.

The design phase is important to obtain the desired results from the processes. It is useful to clearly state your expectations to your dentist after dental aesthetics.

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