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Nasolabial Filler

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Nasolabial Filler

Nasolabial filler is applied for the folds in the corner of the mouth. The word naso in Latin means nose. Labial means lip.

The nasolabial region is the laughing line between the lips and the nose. With the advancement of age, this line becomes more clear. Although the person sometimes does not laugh, there is always a line there.

Some people’s face shape may cause earlier streaking in the area. These lines make the person look tired, old, and unhappy.

These wrinkles are found in everyone. However, some factors can cause wrinkles to become more noticeable. The line may get deeper due to age, collagen production, etc.

The reason why people need nasolabial filling is the sagging of the SMAS tissue on the face. Factors such as smoking and alcohol use, the effect of sunbathing, and sleep patterns also affect the formation of the folds here. After the age of 35 and 40, the person may start to be disturbed by these lines.

Does Nasolabial Filler work?

Nasolabial filler is the most effective and definitive procedure known to eliminate lines. Generally, it is possible to get rid of this line by filler and fat injection at the age of 35 to 40.

Thanks to the filler, the area is flattened and a fresher appearance is obtained. If this line is located lower than the rim and has created an irregularity in the jaw, the person may need surgery.

Is Nasolabial Filler painful?

Nasolabial filler is not painful since it is a procedure performed under local anesthesia. If the line is light, thin fillers are made. However, if the lines are deeper and there are places, then thick fillers will be preferred.

If the lines begin to deepen further, fat injection may be required. Fillers are applied in 1 ml or 1.2 ml. In some cases, these amounts are not enough to get rid of the person’s line.

With the examination by the doctor, the face size, gender, and wrinkle condition of the person are being checked. Accordingly, the amount of filler will be determined.

Where is Nasolabial Filler done?

Although nasolabial filler is applied to the area between the nose and lips, it is also applied to the cheeks in case of loss of cheek volume, especially to people who lose excess weight. In some cases, cheekbones are also supported.

The reason for this support is that the balance of the face is not disturbed. It is important to have a balanced filling distribution and to ensure face proportion.

In this method, which is applied with the injection method, the lines are provided with a smooth appearance.

Thanks to the liquid injected into the skin, the amount of collagen production, which decreases with age, will also be triggered.

With which substance Nasolabial Filler is done?

Hyaluronic acid is preferred for nasolabial filling. This substance is already produced naturally by the skin itself. It has no side effects. It is not harmful. It helps maintain the moisture balance of the skin.

If hyaluronic acid is in small amounts in the skin, then wrinkles begin to occur. This is exactly where the filler steps in and completes this deficiency.

The doctor draws the most suitable filling areas on the patient’s skin and makes an injection. Injected filler is not permanent.

Although nasolabial filling varies from person to person, it will disappear after a certain period. The filler dissolves after an average of 12 months to 18 months.

What are the benefits of Nasolabial Filler?

Nasolabial filler benefits can be listed as follows:

  • It has no side effects.
  • It is a safe method.
  • It is a method with successful results for a long time.
  • It increases the amount of collagen in the skin.
  • It helps you gain volume in the mouth area.
  • It is an application that gives fast results.
  • There is no recovery period.
  • Provides revitalization of the skin.
  • It softens the skin.
  • It provides the skin to have a smooth appearance.
  • Make-up can be applied immediately after application.
  • It is possible to return to normal life immediately.

When can we do Nasolabial Filler?

Applying Nasolabial Filler varies from person to person. Skin structure is the most important factor here. People under the age of 25 have flexible and tight skin, between the ages of 25 and 35, lines and facial lines begin to form around the eyes.

Depending on certain factors, especially the sun, the formation of these lines may be earlier or later. It is possible to accelerate aging depending on factors such as the person’s lifestyle, how he looks after his skin, sleep patterns, and nutrition, but sooner or later everyone will go through this process.

If you cannot decide whether you are suitable for the filler, it is useful to undergo an expert examination.

Are there any side effects of Nasolabial Filler?

Nasolabial Filler has no side effects. While there is a risk in surgical interventions, there is no risk in filling procedures. The substances used during nasolabial filler may cause sensitivity in some people.

However, these effects disappear spontaneously. Side effects that are seen after the procedure and will pass spontaneously can be listed as follows:

  • Debris,
  • Swelling,
  • Blushing,
  • There may be bruising in the injection area.
  • You shouldn’t worry. These effects are considered completely normal and not permanent. These effects occur due to the use of needles. If a cannula is used during application, the possibility of bruising decreases.

When do I start seeing the Nasolabial Filler effect?

You can see the nasolabial filler effect immediately after the application. It takes an average of 2 weeks for the filler substance to absorb water. For this reason, the real image emerges after this process.

How often can Nasolabial Filler be applied?

6 months after the nasolabial filler application, the patient can have a refill. After the first 3 applications are made, it will be sufficient to repeat it once a year as the filler will become more permanent.

The continuity of the filler can be achieved through regular application. Immediately after the procedure, the person should avoid taking a hot shower.

Also, for the first week after the procedure, the person should avoid wearing make-up, sauna, and bath. Acidic skin products should not be put on. Heavy sports should not be done.

If after the Nasolabial Filler application, asymmetry appears, what should I do?

People may think that asymmetric results occur after nasolabial filler. However, the patient mustn’t rush. Until the control appointment, the patient must wait for the results to settle.

Filler may give misleading results for a while. Filling before the required time after the application and trying to correct the asymmetry causes the filler to become more acidimetric.

Therefore, you should wait until the doctor calls you and examines you. However, if the doctor sees it necessary, the problem of asymmetry can be eliminated by injecting.

What to expect after Nasolabial Filler treatment?

Immediately after nasolabial filler application, application results are obtained. It is normal to have red spots and swelling in the injection area.

Swelling caused by dermal filling disappears after 2 to 3. After nasolabial filler, there may be patients that will have swelling for up to 2 to 4 weeks after the procedure. Bruising lasts an average of 7 to 8 days.

The patient should not worry about these effects. There is no infection problem. Very rarely, necrosis may be seen after nasolabial filling. This effect occurs due to the blockage of the blood vessel and the blocking of blood flow to the skin.

It can cause scarring and needs immediate attention. Such effects do not occur if the person performing the application is an expert.

If you choose us for nasolabial filler, you can benefit from the smooth, minimal side-effect filling process, which gives the results a successful, satisfactory appearance.

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