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Carbon Peeling

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What is Carbon Peeling?

In the carbon peeling method, the outer layer of the skin is peeled with the help of various solutions. Peeling occurs in the upper layer of the skin.

In this way, the skin gets a smooth appearance. Thanks to the peeling process, slight wrinkles, acne, and color changes can be treated. The peeling process should be done in different ways for skin problems.

These processes can be light, medium, or deep. While in the light peeling process only peeling is provided on the upper layer of the skin, a deep peeling process is performed deeper into the skin.

The healing effect of each peeling level is different. The light peeling process will solve problems such as acne, dryness, and tone difference. Re-application may be required to get results from the process.

In the deep peeling process, no repetition is required. The process is done by applying chemical substances to the skin. Carbon peeling application must be done under expert control.

What is Carbon Peeling?

Carbon peeling can be summarized as the use of carbon material for the peeling process. This substance contributes to the improvement of skin health. When normal coal is exposed to high temperatures, activated carbon emerges.

It is in black and powder form. There are small voids in the powdered coal. These cavities help trap chemicals and toxins.

Its hollow structure also allows the substance to be absorbed better by the skin. Although activated carbon is obtained from coal, its structure is different from normal coal.

What are the properties of activated carbon used for Carbon Peeling?

Carbon peeling has gained a whole new meaning by combining activated carbon with skincare. It allows bacteria to be removed from the skin. It removes dirt from the skin. Deep cleansing of the skin becomes possible.

Activated carbon is a very useful substance not only for skin health but also for body health. In case of poisoning, it allows the drug to be absorbed from the stomach and intestines and the poison dose is reduced.

It also reduces the cholesterol level in the blood as it reduces the absorption of cholesterol in the digestive system. People can get rid of toxins in their bodies with activated carbon.

It is known to be a useful substance for patients with chronic kidney disease.

What are the benefits of the Carbon Peeling Process?

Some of the benefits of carbon peeling application can be listed as follows:

  • It cleans the dirt and oil in the skin.
  • Makes the skin look brighter.
  • The active carbon, which has a hollow structure, penetrates well into the pores.
  • It cleans the oil in the pores.
  • It helps pores to be tight.
  • It allows you to remove the dead skin in the upper layer of the skin.
  • Removes vibrant skin tissue from underneath.
  • It maintains the oil balance of the skin.
  • It prevents the formation of acne.
  • It is effective against skin redness, swelling, and fly insect bites.

Thanks to all these advantages, carbon peeling is an application preferred by many people.

How is Carbon Peeling Application done?

In the carbon peeling process, a chemical substance is applied to the skin to peel the skin. For this reason, the process must be done under expert control.

It is very important to adjust the chemical agent dose before the procedure. Chemicals that are applied too much or too little on the skin can cause problems.

It is necessary to work with experienced and experts who have already done this process. Carbon peeling is recommended for people who will not be adversely affected by this application.

Before the application, the skin is cleaned so that the activated carbon can have a better effect. A thin layer of carbon is applied to different parts of the face. The mask spreads on the skin by massaging.

Carbon should never get into the eyes. The mask applied dries for 15 minutes. It is then washed with water. Moisturizer is applied. Since the carbon mask can dry the skin, it is important to apply moisturizer afterward.

What should be considered when choosing a Carbon Peeling mask?

When choosing the carbon peeling mask, it is important to choose according to your skin type. Only in this way can you get the maximum effect.

If you have an oily skin type, you can opt for carbon masks containing scrubbing. The scrubbing feature allows the excess oil in the skin to be absorbed.

This eliminates the problem of oily in the area and does not cause acne. If your skin is dry, you can choose masks containing hyaluronic acid, jojoba structure, or olive oil for your skin to gain moisture.

When applying a carbon peeling mask, it is recommended that normal skin types apply 1-2 times a week, and those with dry and sensitive skin should apply a maximum once a week.

What should be considered in a Carbon Peeling application?

Since there are various chemicals in carbon peeling applications, you should consult your dermatologist beforehand. You may have a rash on your skin right after the procedure.

This is considered normal and is part of the healing process. If you have deep carbon peeling, the rash may stay on your skin for a longer time. You may experience flushing for up to a month or two.

Very rarely, there may be skin wounds. If you have taken acne medication in the past 6 months, do not use carbon peels. The procedure is not performed on people who are pregnant or have cold sores.

What’s the process after the Carbon Peeling application?

After the carbon peeling application, your skin’s sensitivity to the sun will be high. Therefore, you need to protect your skin from the sun. You can use a hat and wear suncream.

You should strictly follow the recommendations of your skin doctor. The process can be applied in the summer and winter seasons. Its impact rate is high.

Is Carbon Peeling painful?

During the carbon peeling process, patients may feel a slight stinging on the skin surfaces. However, this stinging is not unbearable. There may be a slight increase in heat on the skin. You don’t have to worry as it is a comfortable and safe procedure.

How long does the Carbon Peeling procedure take?

Before the carbon peeling application, the skin is cleaned and a mask is applied. The process takes only 15 minutes, including waiting until it dries. After that, you will go through a 10-minute process.

It is a procedure that can be done during the lunch break. The procedure is applied between 5 and 8 sessions on average.

Of course, each person’s skin, problems, structure, and expectations from their skin will be different. Therefore, the number of sessions may vary from patient to patient.

Are there any side effects of the Carbon Peeling application?

Carbon peeling application has been done for years and does not cause any side effects. You can choose it as a safe method without hesitation. After the procedure, there may be a rash at the application location.

However, this is completely normal. After the procedure, people should avoid extremely hot environments such as saunas, baths, solarium for a while. Also, the skin should not be exposed to the sun.

To whom is the Carbon Peeling procedure Applied?

There is no age or gender limitation in carbon peeling application. The procedure can be performed for people who want their skin to be younger, who have skin problems, have spots on their skin, and do not like their wrinkles.

However, it is necessary to make sure that people are suitable for carbon peeling before the procedure is performed. When the number of sessions is completed after the procedure, the patient can get rid of all skin problems.

Carbon peeling is also recommended for people with skin sagging problems. Carbon peeling is a short-lasting, successful, comfortable, and completely reliable skincare method.

How much are Carbon Peeling prices 2023

Carbon peeling prices vary according to the number of sessions to be planned for the patient. The specialist plans the treatment according to the patient’s expectation and skin condition and determines the number of sessions.

Preliminary examination is a must for this. You can get the healthiest price information by making your pre-examination appointment for carbon peeling.