What is Carbon Peeling?

In the carbon peeling method, the outer layer of the skin is peeled with the help of various solutions. Peeling occurs in the upper layer of the skin.

In this way, the skin gets a smooth appearance. Thanks to the peeling process, slight wrinkles, acne, and color changes can be treated. The peeling process should be done in different ways for skin problems.

These processes can be light, medium, or deep. While in the light peeling process only peeling is provided on the upper layer of the skin, a deep peeling process is performed deeper into the skin.

The healing effect of each peeling level is different. The light peeling process will solve problems such as acne, dryness, and tone difference. Re-application may be required to get results from the process.

In the deep peeling process, no repetition is required. The process is done by applying chemical substances to the skin. Carbon peeling application must be done under expert control.