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What is BBL Turkey?

With bbl turkey women can have the butt and hip shape they desire. One of the places that are considered the most attractive in the female body is the butt.

The butt both affects the posture and contributes to the aesthetic perception. While the aesthetic perception of women was mostly in the chest area in the past, today the butt is more important.

The number of butt surgeries performed in the last 10 years has increased significantly. Many women think that their butt is small, flat, and inadequate.

Some women only complain about gaining weight from the butt area. Thanks to butt aesthetics, it is possible to say goodbye to these complaints.

The butt can be upturned, properly shaped, plump, and upright. Now it is possible to have a young-looking butt!

How much does BBL Turkey Cost 2024?

The price of a Brazilian Butt Lift BBL Turkey can differ significantly based on a number of variables, such as the clinic’s location, the surgeon’s background and reputation, the particular procedures employed, and the services that are part of the package. BBL Turkey might cost anywhere from $2,000 to $5,000 or more on average.

It’s important to remember that the following factors could cause the price to change significantly:

  • Surgeon’s Expertise: Plastic surgeons with extensive training and experience may bill more for their services.
  • Clinic vs. Hospital: The cost of healthcare may vary depending on the facility used. Accredited, high-end facilities could charge more.
  • Type of anesthetic: The cost of the procedure may vary depending on the type of anesthetic employed. It’s possible that general anesthesia will cost more than local anesthesia.
  • Extra Services: The total cost of a package may increase if it includes extra services like compression garments, post-operative care, and pre-operative consultations.
  • Geographical Location: Costs could differ based on Turkey’s cities or regions.
  • Travel Expenses: Take into account the price of airfare, lodging, and any necessary visas if you’re traveling from another nation for the treatment.

In order to fully comprehend the particular services and expenses related to the butt lift, it is imperative that you conduct extensive research, speak with several clinics and surgeons, and request comprehensive quotes. When making your choice, give safety, the standard of care, and the surgeon’s credentials first priority. To guarantee your safety and a good outcome, confirm that the clinic or hospital satisfies international standards for hygiene and patient care.

Is Turkey a good place for BBL?

Turkey is becoming a popular destination for Brazilian Butt Lift treatments, and there are a number of reasons why Turkey would be a suitable option. But ultimately, the choice to have a BBL Turkey should be based on your own requirements, tastes, and situation. When assessing Turkey as a potential butt lift location, keep the following aspects in mind:

  • Competent Surgeons: Turkey is home to a large number of proficient and knowledgeable plastic surgeons with a focus on butt lift operations. Certain Turkish surgeons have gained recognition across the globe for their proficiency in body shaping.
  • Affordability: Turkey is a desirable alternative for individuals looking for a cost-effective solution because it is recognized to offer more affordable butt lift operations than many Western nations.
  • Modern Facilities: Turkey boasts a large number of clinics and hospitals with state-of-the-art equipment and facilities that offer top-notch medical care and patient comfort.
  • Medical Tourism: Turkey has established a robust medical tourism sector, with numerous institutions accommodating patients from overseas. For people coming from overseas for butt lift, this can streamline the procedure.
  • Diverse possibilities: Patients can select the butt lift technique and solution that best fits their needs and objectives thanks to Turkey’s abundance of possibilities.

Turkey may be a fantastic choice for a butt lift, but it’s important to weigh the surgeon’s credentials and reputation as well as the standard of care above only the price. Your main concerns should be safety and surgical outcome.

Take into account any additional difficulties that might arise from traveling for surgery, such as follow-up visits, language hurdles, and aftercare. To guarantee a safe and effective butt lift surgery, it’s critical to conduct in-depth research and speak with a number of clinics and surgeons.

What country has the cheapest BBL?

Butt lift prices can differ dramatically between nations, and the phrase “cheapest” is relative and subject to alter over time for a variety of reasons. Compared to many Western countries, several were known to offer BBL operations that were more affordable. Given that costs are subject to fluctuate, it’s best to conduct current research to obtain the most recent data.

At the time, the following nations were frequently thought to have more affordable butt lift procedures:

  1. Turkey: Turkey was a well-liked destination for medical tourists looking for affordable butt lift procedures because of its skilled plastic surgeons and reasonable prices.
  2. Mexico: Compared to the US and several other Western nations, Mexico has been a well-liked destination for medical tourism since it offers butt lift operations at a lower cost.
  3. Colombia: Colombia is a destination for individuals seeking a balance between quality and affordability because of its reputation for having highly qualified plastic surgeons and more reasonably priced butt lift procedures.

When selecting a location for a butt lift, it’s critical to take into account a number of variables, including as the surgeon’s training and experience, the facility’s safety and care requirements, and the logistics of the entire trip and recovery. Safety and the caliber of the process should come first, thus the price shouldn’t be the only consideration. Furthermore, costs are subject to fluctuate, so it’s best to obtain up-to-date quotations and carefully investigate the possibilities offered in your intended location.

Who are the patients suitable for BBL Turkey Aesthetics?

People who are suitable for butt aesthetics can be listed as follows:

  • People who have problems with flat, empty, and falling shape after excessive weight gain and loss,
  • People whose waist butt transition has been erased due to fat gain in the waist area,
  • Women with flat butt,
  • People with a wide waist angle due to genetics,
  • Even men with low and flat hips can benefit from butt aesthetics.

What is the process after BBL Turkey Aesthetics?

It is possible to be discharged within the same day immediately after the BBL Turkey butt aesthetics. After the procedure, it will be recommended to wear a protective corset to keep the butt shape longer.

The corset is recommended to you by the doctor. This corset should be worn for an average of 3 to 6 weeks. Thanks to the use of a corset, the operation area is protected and the effects of the surgery become more permanent.

After BBL Turkey butt aesthetics, the healing process is completed within an average of 10 days. There may be swelling and edema in the butt.

It is necessary to wait for an average of 3 to 6 months for these to pass and the butt to take its full shape. After the procedure, you should be careful not to do heavy sports and you should not lay on your back for a while.

Does the butt get lifted after BBL Turkey Aesthetics?

After the BBL Turkey aesthetics, how much the butt will be upturned compared to the original shape is determined by the specialist doctor during the examination.

The patient is examined before the procedure. How much fat will be added to the buttocks of the patient, how long to get up and which areas to be injected will be determined by the doctor?

Fats taken from the waist, abdomen, and thighs of the person are injected into the buttocks through the incisions made. The incisions are approximately 2 3 mm.

These incisions, hidden in the folds, do not cause traces, and a minimal appearance is achieved. During these procedures performed under general anesthesia, the patient does not feel pain.

Which methods are used in BBL Turkey Aesthetics?

There are two known methods for BBL Turkey butt aesthetics. First, the abdomen and waist area are thinned. In this way, it is possible to achieve an athletic look.

While the area gets thinner, on the other hand, adipose tissue becomes ready to be injected into the butt. If it is possible to get enough fat from the patient, a beautiful buttock appearance will be obtained with the injection of these fats.

If there is not enough fat in the patient, a butt implant can be used during butt aesthetics. For some patients, both are done. Both fat injection and prosthesis can be used. In this way, prominent and rounded hips are obtained.

What are the benefits of Butt Aesthetics?

BBL Turkey butt aesthetics benefits can be listed as follows:

  • Balance is restored between the upper and lower body.
  • In people with flat hips, hip projection is gained and a younger and aesthetic appearance is obtained.
  • The clothes start to look more attractive on the body.
  • Fullness increases in the hips.
  • You get rid of excess fat in your hips and thighs.
  • You will have curves in your lower body.

What are the stages in BBL Turkey?

The first step should be fat removal while performing BBL Turkey aesthetics. Abdominal, thigh, waist, and hip areas can be preferred for fat removal. The liposuction technique is used to get fat. With this technique, the principle of minimal damage and maximum result is implemented.

It is possible to remove fats without harming the body. Then the extracted fats are purified and prepared for transfer. The aesthetic surgeon makes injections to the predetermined places to achieve the desired volume of the buttocks.

Not all the fats given stay in one area. Some of it melts. Melting should also be taken into consideration. For this reason, the injections that appear too much in your eyes at the first stage will settle over time and will decrease more.

How is the healing process after Butt Aesthetics?

It is necessary to take some special precautions to achieve recovery after BBL Turkey aesthetics. After the operation, the pain is less, but there may be situations in which the pain should be controlled with painkillers.

The person should avoid sitting directly on his butt for 2 weeks. It is recommended not to lay down and to lay face down. It is an operation where you have to stand apart from using the toilet and lying down properly.

When you are ready, you use a donut-like seat and you can sit that way. After the procedure, permission for sitting activity is usually given at the end of 8 weeks.

You can do light daily work within 1 week after the surgery, taking into consideration the instructions of the doctor. You will be able to return to work within 10 to 14 days.

What are the risks of Butt Aesthetics?

BBL Turkey butt aesthetics carries much less risk compared to butt implant surgeries. However, as with any surgery, this procedure also carries certain risks.

Good selection of the place to perform the procedure will reduce the likelihood of these risks occurring. Risks can be listed as follows:

  • Fat melting in the injected area,
  • Fat embolism in the heart and lungs,
  • Skin loss due to deep infection,
  • Lump formation under the skin in the injected area,
  • There are infection risks.

If there is an excessive melting in the injected fats, secondary treatment is required.

Are Butt Aesthetics results permanent?

The results of the butt aesthetic procedure are permanent. Fats transferred to the butt area remain for years. However, weight gain and loss affect how the hips look.

For this reason, it is necessary to pay attention to weight control after BBL Turkey butt aesthetics. You have to wait an average of 6 months to get the full results of the procedure.

In this process, edema is removed and the body heals. After the procedure, the waist cavity becomes sharper. Improvement occurs in the leg contour.

The hip gains projection and takes on a more aesthetic appearance. To see the positive results of butt aesthetics, the procedure must be performed by a qualified surgeon.

Am I a suitable candidate for Butt Aesthetics?

The following qualifications are demanded in people who want to have BBL Turkey butt aesthetics:

  • It is necessary to have realistic expectations.
  • General health must be good.
  • If you smoke, you must stop smoking. Tobacco and its products should be avoided for the period to be determined by the doctor.
  • For the procedure to be performed, your body must have sufficient fat.
  • In order not to affect the results of the surgery, it is necessary to avoid gaining or losing excess weight after the procedure and avoiding alcohol. If you have not succeeded in changing the shape of your butt as you wish despite exercise and a balanced diet, you can get support from this procedure. The doctor will tell you after the examination whether you are suitable for butt aesthetics.