Dr. Ozan Balık, who was born in Adana in 1975, started studying Electronic Engineering at İstanbul University after graduating from Adana Karşıyaka High School. During his studying he had to go through a couple of operations that made him realize his enthusiasm for practicing surgery. To be able to say “don’t worry, patient will be safe in the operation room” to patient relatives one day, he stopped studying electronic engineering, and started studying medicine at Çukurova University Medicine Faculty in 1993. Since the first semester of his medicine training, he spent all of his spare times in the operation rooms in order to improve his surgical skills.

After graduating from Çukurova University Medicine Faculty, he worked at Viranşehir State Hospital in 1999-2000, and at Göztepe SSK (Social Insurance Authority) Hospital Anesthesia and Reanimation Services. Later, in 2002 he started studying Plastic, Reconstructive and Esthetics Surgery at Dokuz Eylül University in İzmir. During his studying he majored in his specialty reconstructive microsurgery and testified that “Reverse End-to Side Nerve Repair” can be used in peripheral nerve injuries as well. He published his work, which is also his dissertation, in Annals of Plastic Surgery (A Successful Neurotization of Two Different Muscles Using a Single Intact Motor Nerve).

In 2008 he was granted with his National Board Certification by Turkish Plastic, Reconstructive and Esthetic Surgery Association. In 2008-2009 he worked as Plastic Surgery Clinic Chief in Edirne State Hospital. Dr. Ozan Balık has been continuing his services and works in his Private Clinic since 2010 in İstanbul. He continues working on “Bilaminar Face-Lifts and Structural Rhinoplasty Surgeries” by bringing computer based 3D modelling in compliance with facial plastic surgeries.

He is also interested in oil painting, scribbling novels as novice writer, and biomechanical device designing.