Assoc. Dr. Rıfat Rasier

Who is Rifat Rasier?

Rıfat Rasier graduated from Cerrahpaşa medical school in 2004.

During his medical education and specialization in ophthalmology, he attended Lousiana State University School of Medicine in the United States, Stadtisches Klinikum Kemperhof Koblenz in Germany and The Western Eye Hospital, Imperial College in England. In 2007, he received the equivalence for the Faculty of Medicine from the General Medical Council of England and became a doctor with Full Medical Registration in England.

Along with his ophthalmology education, he completed master program in Boğaziçi University Biomedical Engineering in 2009.

Continuing its development in its branch without slowing down, Rasier completed his specialization in Ophthalmology at Bilim University in 2010.

– He completed his compulsory service at Kırklareli state hospital in 2012.

– He received the title of “Associate Professor” in the Department of Ophthalmology in 2016.

He completed his PhD at Boğaziçi University Biomedical Engineering Department with an average of 4.0 in 2017.

Rıfat Rasier, as a result of his studies at the Biomedical Engineering Laboratory of Boğaziçi University, has developed a procedure that allows the incisions required in the transparent layer of the eye during the cataract surgery to be laser-welded at the end of the operation, and thus to close the operated incision. In today’s cataract operations, incisions are left open or sutured at the end of the operation. With laser tissue welding experiments, positive results were obtained in the laser closure procedure without any stitches in cataract surgery. Thanks to this system, it was ensured to be closed by welding of 2 millimeters of remote with a special wavelength without touching the tissue. Without suturing to the eye, the incision was closed with the help of a laser, and the risk of infection was reduced in the operation as well as the operation time was shortened.

This work of Rıfat Rasier was published into an international book under the name Infrared lasers for corneas tissue welding.

Awards received;

  • Best publication award, Turkish Journal of Ophthalmology, 2010, Corneal tissue welding with infrared lasers with different wavelengths in transparent corneal section.
  • Best publication award, Turkish Journal of Ophthalmology, 2011, VEGF and IL-8 levels in vitreous fluid in proliferative vitreoretinopathy developing due to regmatogenic retinal decollement.
  • JCI Ten Outstanding Youngsters of Turkey, first prize in Medical and Medical Inventions, 2010
  • Ministry of Industry, Teknogirişim Project Support, 2010
  • Prof. Dr. Necati Tanyolaç award for projects and researches performed for Biomedical Engineering and Technologies during Master or Doctorate, 2017
  • Best scientific poster second prize, Turkish ophthalmology association national congress 2017


  • Publications:
  • A. Number of articles published in international refereed journals: 22
  • B. Number of papers presented in international scientific meetings and published in the proceedings: 10
  • C. Number of articles published in national refereed journals: 25
  • D. Number of papers presented at national scientific meetings and published in proceedings: 91