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Vaser Liposuction

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Vaser Liposuction

Vaser liposuction is one of the most preferred methods for body shaping. It is a surgical method. It is highly effective and has been used safely for a long time.

It is ideal for people that suffer from an excess of fat in specific areas. It can be applied alone or in conjunction with other aesthetic procedures. Surgical procedures such as tummy tuck and breast aesthetics may accompany vaser liposuction.

The difference of this process from conventional degreasing is that it sends high sound waves before the degreasing process. In this way, the fats are separated from the fat lobules to which they are attached and become fluid. While there is bleeding in the classical fat removal process, it does not occur in this process.

Also, there are no problems such as bruising and fluctuation on the skin. Since it is an advanced, safe, and healthy application, it is a procedure that has increased in popularity recently.

How to prepare before Vaser Liposuction?

Preparations made before the Vaser liposuction procedure can be listed as follows:

  • Tests can be performed to determine that the procedure is suitable for the patient.
  • Complete blood count, biochemistry, bleeding and coagulation tests, hepatitis tests are requested for the patient.
  • The patient should avoid smoking and alcohol before the procedure.
  • Solid food and liquid intake should be avoided for at least 7 to 8 hours before the operation.
  • Herbal teas should not be drunk as they have a blood-thinning effect.
  • Vitamin E should not be taken.
  • Blood thinners should be stopped within 1 week at the latest.
  • If there are medicines that are used continuously, you can stop them by consulting your doctor beforehand.

In which areas of the body can Vaser Liposuction procedure be performed?

Vaser liposuction can be safely applied to the whole body. For women, application is made especially for the double chin area, under bra area, back, leg, hip, abdomen, and waist areas.

For men, on the other hand, it can be applied to the breast, knee, double chin, back, thigh, upper leg, and abdominal areas. In this way, the ratio is achieved in the disproportionate body parts.

Thanks to the Hi-Def application, the person can have the desired fit appearance in a short time. Thanks to this feature, Vaser liposuction helps people gain self-confidence.

Is Vaser Liposuction a safe procedure?

Vaser liposuction was approved by the FDA in 2001. It is a safe method. It has been applied for many years. The results are successful. It can be applied to all body parts. It targets areas with regional fat and disproportion.

In the waist part known as bagel in men and women, there may be fat that can not be lost despite sports and diet. The problem of excessive breast development in men is eliminated in this method.

People who want to benefit from this technique should apply only because other methods do not work. For women, abdominoplasty or tummy tuck is performed with Vaser liposuction if the abdominal area became saggy after birth.

Doing the two processes together increases the efficiency of the process. In this way, you get a flat stomach and a thin waist look.

Who is Vaser Liposuction suitable for?

Vaser liposuction is suitable for people who do sports and diet and have minimal excess in some parts of the body. It can be applied to both men and women. In this technique, fat is removed in the desired area and muscle borders and transitions are made clear.

In the process, it is possible to shape the body like a sculpture. After the fat is removed from these areas, the injection can be made to the areas that have fat deficiency and lose their volume.

For example, for women whose buttocks are flat and not voluminous, an injection can be provided by removing fat from the unwanted oily part of the body.

This process is called butt lift. For men, these oils can be applied to achieve a more developed breast appearance. Muscles become more prominent. In short, while women have a more fuller butt, men have a wider and more voluminous body.

Until when the corset is worn after Vaser Liposuction?

It is very important to wear a corset to guarantee successful results of the Vaser liposuction procedure. Depending on the needs of the patients and the elasticity of the skin, it is recommended to wear a corset for an average of 2-3 weeks.

These corsets are breathable and do not cause sweating. They are special corsets. You can wear it underneath the clothes. You can take a shower 1 or 2 days after the Vaser liposuction procedure is performed.

The corset is removed while taking a shower. It needs to be worn again after washing. Early check-ups must be planned between 1 and 14 days after the operation. Late check-ups are planned for 3 and 6 months.

How long do I need to return to normal life after Vaser Liposuction?

After the Vaser liposuction procedure, the return to normal life will be very fast. Special frequency sound waves only affect the adipose tissue. In other words, vessels, connective tissue, or muscles are not damaged.

Compared to other liposuction procedures, much more bruising, edema, and similar side effects are seen. People can return to normal life after 3-4 days. The amount of edema seen after Vaser liposuction varies from person to person.

It takes an average of 3 to 6 weeks to clear most of the edema. It may be necessary to benefit from massage therapies to relieve the edema faster. Some fat still breaks down after the procedure.

For this reason, you can get much better results if you eat a diet poor in fat and rich in protein after the procedure is over.

Is Vaser Liposuction a painful procedure?

You will not feel pain during Vaser liposuction because the procedure takes place under anesthesia. After the operation, no pain is felt. During the operation, the patient is given a local anesthetic drug.

This medicine continues to work even after the operation. In this way, the patient can skip the postoperative process painlessly. Effective pain relievers can also be used in hospital conditions.

Generally, the pain felt after Vaser liposuction is like the pain felt after sports. It is not unbearable and uncomfortable. Patients wear corsets immediately after the procedure.

It is possible to walk after an hour or two of the procedure. The person can sleep very comfortably on the night of the procedure. If there is no work done in a very distressed area and not much fat is removed, the person goes to their home the next day, in a condition that they come for control.

If there has been work in large areas, it may be necessary to host them in the hospital overnight. The reason why it is necessary to stay in the hospital is to supplement the patient with serums and to keep them under control.

Can Vaser Liposuction be used for breast?

Vaser liposuction is also preferred by people who want to have a filling without using breast implants. Instead of using foreign substances for breast augmentation, the patient will prefer to use self-extracted fat.

It is possible to use the fat taken with the Vaser liposuction technique not only in the breast area but also in the face area. It is an ideal method for providing the most natural shaping in different parts of the body.

Patients received satisfactory results from the procedures performed in this way. Vaser liposuction prices vary according to certain factors. In which regions you will work, the person performing the procedure, the preferred hospital, etc.

The price is given according to these factors. To get the healthiest price, it is recommended that the patient be examined by a physician. The permanence rate obtained from the process is at least 80 percent.

It is a satisfactory procedure with a high success rate. It can be used to provide additional fullness, breast lift, enlargement, etc. You can also choose Vaser liposuction to get the best results in different procedures.

Vaser Liposuction Prices 2024

Vaser liposuction prices may vary depending on certain factors. Which to work, the person performing the procedure, the hospital etc.

The price is given according to the factors. To get the healthiest price, the examination should be examined by a physician. Click for more detailed information about vaser liposuction prices 2024.