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Sex Reassignment

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What is Sex Reassignment?

Gender reassignment is a process that originates from hormones that extend from the past to the present and can vary according to the gender status.

There are different reasons for the application made, because it is due to the gender shift of men as women and women as men.

This is due to internal impulses. Sometimes there is an inability to keep up with the situation. That’s why people perform gender reassignment surgery to get rid of the problem they have experienced.

How to change gender?

The sex change procedure to be carried out thanks to today’s technology varies according to men and women. These two situations can be taken in different ways.

Appropriate procedures are carried out in the transformation of a man into a woman, and every situation is handled in fine detail in order to give the man the appearance of a woman.

In the same way, the appropriate appearance is provided for people who want to transform from women to men. The process may differ from person to person. Therefore, for more detailed information, you can contact us and perform your preliminary inspection procedures.

What procedures are used for gender reassignment?

This situation is handled in two different ways. Because there is variation in the transformation of men into women and women into men. In cases where a man changes gender into a woman, breast enlargement is performed. Here, the most important and known as the first stage is breast aesthetics.Then the genital reconstruction stage is realised. In the procedure performed here, the ground for sexual intercourse is prepared and the vagina is formed. In the third stage, the masculine structure made with facial aesthetics is brought to the feminine state. Lip, cheek and nose aesthetics are performed.Afterwards, the chin and Adam’s apples are reduced. Finally, surgery is performed for the vocal cords. In order for the person to speak in the desired tone, voice therapy is performed and we perform our procedures in line with the patient’s request.It starts with gender reassignment from female to male, and in cases of mastectomy. In other words, the appropriate structure is obtained for the person to have a flat chest. Later, it is the stage in which the person does not use testosterone in hysterectomy.In addition, the person is prevented from seeing menstrual bleeding here. Finally, genital reconstruction is performed. The patient’s vagina is removed and the urethra is elongated. In order for the person to have sexual intercourse, the penis with suitable and sufficient size is placed. Here, testicular prosthesis can also be applied to obtain a natural appearance. These procedures are applied to make our patients feel comfortable. For this, it is recommended that you contact us.

What to do before Gender Change?

For the sex reassignment surgery, the psychological and physiological condition of the person is discussed. After the health screening, if the patient is not faced with a problem in performing the surgery, the appropriate procedures are started.In cases where the surgery will take place, we recommend that the person get psychological support. Because after the surgery, the life of the person will change. We can say that psychological support is essential in order to understand and comprehend how the person will define himself, the situations in the process he will encounter, and how he will be called.

The recovery after Gender Change

Of course, this situation is realized as difficult for men and women. Because after the surgeries performed here, the person should not forget that he has been inactive for a long time and needs to rest.Because in order to take on a different identity, difficult stages are passed. Particularly, women may face more problems when transitioning to male bodies. Problems may arise due to breasts taken from women. It can even cause delays in the healing process.We definitely recommend our patients to rest for a long time in order to get healthy results after sex reassignment and surgery.During rest, both the recovery time decreases and more accurate results are obtained. Considering how difficult the surgery and procedures are, it is recommended to rest.

How long does Gender Change take?

Appropriate processes are initiated for the operation to be performed. This is handled in two different situations, male and female. The person’s gender reassignment will be a situation in which he will assume a new identity after his surgery. For this, you should not forget that the long process is waiting for you.We are always here to do our best so that patients can get healthier results. We convey to our patients that the operation process varies between approximately 6-8 months. In this process, we also indicate that they should be patient and they will get healthy results.

Who makes Gender Reassignment?

There is no restriction on sex change. Gender reassignment surgery is a situation that has been performed on both men and women. However, men are more likely to be women than women to be men.

What is the legal aspect of Gender Reassignment?

First of all, gender reassignment needs to be passed through legal dimensions in order for it to take place. In line with the results obtained here, a positive response is received, and the procedure is performed with a medical response.Action can be taken with a lawsuit filed pursuant to Article 40 of the Turkish Civil Code. It is not possible to perform the operation in our hospital as a result of the permissions that cannot be obtained. For this, the studies that are suitable for the procedure must have been carried out.

How does the person feel?

This process is quite difficult and laborious. Because after the sex reassignment surgery, the person has a different identity and is faced with physical changes. In this process, we recommend that our patients receive psychological support.With the support received by psychiatrists, it is possible to have accurate information about how the person should behave. In order to overcome this process in the right way, support is also given to appropriate analyzes for our patients.

What are the causes of Gender Reassignment?

It is not possible to find precise information about people’s gender reassignment and status. However, as a result of the researches carried out in our country, it has been found that there is a situation in which men are faced with the desire to be a woman with a rate of 70%.This situation can actually be considered as a result of congenital physical reasons. In some cases, it is also done in the selection of the androgynous situations that people are born with.In order to reduce the problems experienced by people in double-sex situations, gender reassignment is performed after the age of 18. The person makes his/her choice according to which body he/she feels happy and healthy, and the wishes of our patients are fulfilled under the roof of our hospital.This situation is taken in this way in our country and in the world. However, this does not prevent the operation from being performed, because we take care to carry out our procedures in line with the wishes of our patients.

What is Post-Gender Reassignment care?

Of course, after the change of sex, difficult processes are started. Because it is possible to see that some personal care changes after the woman turns into a man and a man turns into a woman.In order for the procedures to be positive, the patient’s condition is taken into account, and then information is given about the appropriate care. This subject is explained to the patient in detail by specialist physicians.

Sex Reassignment Price 2021

We have said that the applications made vary according to men and women. Due to the differences in the transactions performed, there are cases where variability can be seen in the price information.You can contact us from the contact information to get precise and accurate information about the gender reassignment prices.In this way, you decide whether or not to perform your transactions in line with more detailed and healthy information. Contact us now for information about sex change prices 2021.