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Lengthening Surgery

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What is a Lengthening Surgery?

Lengthening surgery is a surgery performed to eliminate the short stature problem in humans. The problem of height growth can often arise from health status, nutrition, genetic factors, and problems that occur during adolescence and infancy.

How Is Lengthening Surgery Performed?

In order for the procedure to take place, first of all, orthopedic specialists should be present. The operation will be performed under general anesthesia. In some cases, epidural anesthesia technique can be used by the request of the patient. The lengthening surgery to reaches the bone that has been planned for the procedure and the bone called as osteotomy is cut according to the width of the bone.

The leg is fixed and then the special device is placed. The two ends are slowly moved away from each other. In this way, the bone formation of the area where the osteotomy is performed is provided.

Thanks to the surgery performed, the targeted size is achieved. It is the intervention performed to eliminate the diseases caused by a genetic disorder or angular disorder that have occurred in the person with surgery.

Why is Lengthening Surgery performed?

Short stature can occur in the person for various reasons. These problems are caused by hormonal or environmental factors. In the short stature that occurs for this, the lengthening surgery of the person can be performed thanks to an orthopedic surgical application.

Because short stature can cause psychological discomfort after a certain period of time. For this, lengthening is performed by surgery. Before the operation, the patient is diagnosed and the examination is performed after evaluating his life history.

What are the methods of Lengthening Surgery?

The lengthening done usually differs from person to person. Here, the surgical methods are decided according to the patient’s condition. Since these methods vary according to themselves, they have advantages and disadvantages.

The factors that cause the short stature of the person are taken into consideration in the surgery to be performed for height extension. It is divided into five according to their methods.It is known as Holyfix Lengthening Technique, Precice Stryde Lengthening Technique, Precice Intramedullary Lengthening Technique, Combined Lengthening Technique and Ilizarov Circular Fixator Lengthening Technique.

How long does the Lengthening Surgery take?

Permanent height growth normally differs from person to person. There is no definite information about this subject. For this, in order to get more detailed and precise information, you must contact us and perform your preliminary examination.As a result of the preliminary examination, you will be informed about the lengthening. The duration of the operation varies from person to person, but to give an average of time; it can vary between 1.5 to 3 hours.

How long is the recovery time from Lengthening Surgery?

The lengthening is performed under general anesthesia. The application is performed as epidural anesthesia in adults. Depending on the technical methods used, the duration of the operation may vary.This period varies between 1.5 to 3 hours. There is a 2-7 day stay in the hospital after the surgery.

The time may vary depending on the course of the surgery performed. It is not possible to provide precise information for this.The time for the person to return to their normal life after the operation is in the range of 15 to 20 days. Note that the healing process can vary from patient to patient. We are here to make the best decision for your health.

What tests are done before Lengthening Surgery?

As with any surgery, some tests and analyzes are performed for lengthening. If there is no problem with the patient in performing the surgery after the tests and analyzes performed, the appropriate preparations are initiated.

For this, chronic disease analysis, thyroid hormones, chest radiography, stool examination, pH rate in the blood, red blood cell sedimentation rate, urea, potassium, phosphorus, calcium, sodium, albumin, analyzes against antibodies, complete blood count, urinalysis are performed.Based on the tests and analyzes performed, we get information about the health status of the patient. If we are not faced with any problems, procedures for surgery will be initiated.   

 Who are those who have Lengthening Surgery?

Nowadays, lengthening is performed due to the short stature that occurs due to various reasons. Thanks to the surgery, the person can lengthen his height and the process is performed in the resulting deformity.During 7-10 days after the operation, the person starts to increase in height, 1 mm lengthening is performed on the legs daily.

In other words, at the end of two months, the person’s height becomes 5 cm. Depending on the technique used, variability in elongation can be seen. After the person reaches the desired height, the lengthening process is stopped and a waiting period of 45-90 days is made to strengthen the bones.

Is there an age limit for Lengthening Surgery?

Height increase is a condition that can vary in girls and boys. Because girls can grow in height until the beginning of their menstrual period and boys until the end of puberty. In other words, on average, this process is performed until the age of 18-20.Until the age of 18, it is necessary to wait for the development and fusion of the bones.

If the person does not grow in height after this age range and the elongation has stopped, height extension can be done. The techniques used with the surgery can vary between 5-7 cm.After the person reaches the desired height, the elongation process is stopped and it is waited for a period of 90 days.

Afterwards, analyzes are made according to the patient’s surgical course. In other words, it is recommended that you do not undergo surgery until the age of 18 for height extension.It is possible for us to reach the height range that our patients want by performing our job in the most accurate way. For this, it is strongly recommended that you contact us for more detailed information.

Until what age is Lengthening Surgery performed?

For the lengthening to be done, it is necessary to wait until the end of puberty for boys and the beginning of menstruation for girls. Because in this time period, height growth is possible.If there is no extension in length afterwards; lengthening can be done.

It is recommended to wait until the age of 18-20 for the development and strengthening of the bones. It is possible to perform the surgery to increase the height between the ages of 18-50.

There are positive results in this age range. You can contact our hospital after you have decided on surgery to increase height.Then, after the necessary analyzes and diagnoses are made under the body of our hospital, the patient is informed about the procedures to be performed. In this way, we eliminate the fears and concerns of our patients.

 Length Extension Surgery Prices 2024

It is not possible to find any definite information about the prices of height extensions made specifically for the person. Because the surgery performed may differ from person to person.Therefore, it is not possible to give price information without going through the specialist doctor control and without detailed information.

For more detailed information and to get price information, you can contact us from the contact information. You can contact us to get information about lengthening surgery prices 2024.